Monzo's Speedy Android Development

I interpreted it as the latter :joy: I’ll always post about interesting things I find so keep an eye out, there’s bound to be more in the future :wink:


Great write up man, enjoyed reading that! You tear it apart, so I don’t have to.


Brilliant post Marcus! Thanks for taking the time to put it all together. Very insightful.


Loving the slogan :joy:

Cheers guys! :blush:

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Great write up


Great work Marcus! :grinning:

And… Since you found it… Here’s a screenshot from my own Pots screen :slight_smile:


It’s one of my favorite features - it’s been live in staff builds for a while. There’s a few changes that are being made before we launch but it’s personally made a really significant impact on my finances.


I’ve got to ask. Any hint of release timeframe?


Really looking forward to that. Think that will be me going #fullMonzo


Oh boy, I am damn excited for this!!


I’m afraid I’ve not seen any hints of an ETA.

This MVP version that we’ve been staff testing is pretty basic, and there’s a few things that I believe need a ground-up rewrite so that it can be expanded on. So this particular version I believe isn’t shipping - but it’s being reworked from the ground up.

@Jami or @kieranmch may be able to provide some more info.

Even in this basic state it’s probably the thing that’s made the most meaningful difference to me in terms of the last few months worth of product updates.


Will Joint Accounts get it?

Pots in general have been re-worked to work with Joint Accounts and are going into staff testing soon (maybe next week) so I’d surmise that any future plan for Committed Pots would also be compatible with JA’s. That’s somewhat of a conjecture on my part and there may well be context that I’m missing though. I’m sure Product can pop up with some more context on this soon :grinning:


It would be really good if new releases don’t come until they can be for both personal and joint accounts.


No! I don’t want to wait :grin:


I’m not exactly sure if this can be the case for every upcoming feature (equally, not sure it can’t be), but at least as far as Pots go, I believe that was the idea behind the reworking of them.

We’ve got a bit more visibility now on the fact that for many people, the Joint Account will be their main account, so we certainly don’t plan on keeping any feature from the JA unless there’s a valid reason to. In some cases we might need to MVP on a single account to gather data before launching on JA, though.


Same. It’s been invaluable.


Very impressive! Is anyone doing something similar for iOS ?

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Cheers :grin:

I don’t think the same can be done (externally at least) to the iOS app. :thinking: I believe it would require monzo themselves to share the same / similar info to what I’ve extracted from the Android app :slight_smile:


Hey all, good sleuthing!

Regarding the current state of Committed Spending Pots - We put together a very rough proof of concept version in a couple of weeks to test internally. The main feedback we’ve received is that the problem is well worth solving, and that it’s really helping some people - but the current approach feels a little clunky, and has quite a few rough edges.

Before we release something to y’all - We want to improve some of the fundamentals of Summary (because what Committed Spending is quite closely tied, and might need some simplification first), we want to find an approach that’ll work well for people who don’t always have all the money they need to set aside for bills up front, and we want to make sure it doesn’t become another manual process that requires you to think too much about how much money you need to set aside.

I hope we can solve this one well though, to me it feels like one of the main problems we need to solve if we want to help people keep the benefits of a separate spending card, whilst also paying their bills via Monzo.



Glad to hear you guys have realised this :+1: Use my joint account for everything, haven’t had a sole account for years (until recently with Monzo/Starling)