If you haven't moved over, what's stopping you from making Monzo your main bank?

switching for joint accounts and pots. Although I am going to start manually switching in the new year

If you start your manual switch (not as bad as it seems) in the new year I imagine joint pots will be here by then :wink:

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thank you for your speedy response, it would certainly make my life easier

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That’s what it’s there for :blush:. Sorry for the essay & thanks for the reply!

Do you have a source you can share about segregating spending money using pots?

I don’t currently use Monzo as my main as I currently get 5% interest on the money in my current account and also got £100 for switching. So it’s the financial gain I get with other banks that’s stopping me at the moment.

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There is a sneak peek from @simonb of the current staff version, and a post from @Jami roughly explaining what needs to be done before it gets released.




No trouble at all, happy to help :slight_smile:

@MRMR has kindly linked to the posts from Monzo mentioning committed spending pots. Since you’re a fan of tl;dr - they’ve been in staff testing for quite a while so it would be a safe assumption that they will be hitting labs soon if they can work out those rough edges :wink:

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I thought someone from Monzo said they were going to rebuild the committed spending pot feature from scratch to try and improve it. Not sure if it will be hitting labs soon.

A safer bet would be Committed Spending Pots reaching labs in the middle to end of next quarter. Hopefully sooner though.


I have all my income paid into my Monzo - but have a joint account with the wife that is used for all the household bills. Having multiple accounts helps with budgeting.

To me this is the definition of #FullMonzo :monzo:


I agree! All my income goes into monzo, and my personal direct debits come out. I also have a lump sum going to a legacy joint account and another amount going to a monzo joint account.

All my spending is done through my monzo account.


Is your joint account Monzo too? :thinking:

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Nope… Nationwide - also have an ISA attached to it.

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The fact that Monzo doesn’t have student overdraft facility at 0% interest for students.

Check out my recent thread on this topic for more info.

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You use your accounts the same way that me and my partner do however we have our joint account with Monzo instead of Nationwide.

Since you have a Monzo current account you don’t need me to tell you all the cool things you can do with it, so is there a reason you wouldn’t want to be able to utilise all these features on your joint account?

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Trust really… the company is run by a bunch of Shoreditch hipsters. I left London because quite frankly, I loathe Shoreditch hipsters (and broadly the silicon valley style culture that started to infect the place). But as a Software Engineer I appreciate what they’re doing and invested because I believe it’s got legs. To me, Monzo is still in beta.

I used NationWide because it isn’t a bank (I don’t like banks). As an established building society it has more services available than Monzo. ISA’s, Mortgages, insurance - yes I can shop around, but as a customer I get preferential offers / rates.


Hopefully as you use your current account more and the company grows (especially after this crowdfunding round) Monzo can earn your trust :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I enjoy looking at things from different perspectives.


Another reason - putting all your financial eggs in one basket is kinda dumb. I had a significant amount of money in IceSave… 2007 that was fun…

I am switching over but slowly. There are features of other banks that I like and can’t do without, such as being able to take a photo of a cheque to deposit instead of needing to post it, or go into branch. Having a credit card elsewhere, also allows me to keep track of many accounts on one app based interface, and I have a current account specifically for bills, council tax etc to keep things separate. Monzo currently don’t offer a credit card or multiple current accounts.

It isn’t multiple current accounts but Monzo does have pots - so you could make a pot for bills and one for food.

You can even use IFTTT to automatically move money from a pot to the main account when you make a purchase