Prepay for Direct Debits

Monzo know I have direct debits coming out throughout the month, when they’re coming out and how much they cost. They even show them in my feed before they come out!

It’d be great if I could prepay for those things so the money would essentially disappear from my balance and pots altogether.

I’m not the worst ever at managing my money but it’d be nice to be able to pay every Direct Debit on payday, despite when it’s going to come out in the month.

On one hand it’s nice to have liquid cash in some situations, but on the other I’d like to know all my bills are covered and I’m not going to fall short at the end of the month.

Anybody else into this idea? :blush:


That’s what Summary is for isn’t it? It tells me what’s left for the month after committed spending (direct debits and other recurring payments)

I never look at the balance on the home tab anymore.


Committed pots should be coming next year which should help with this


Monzo are working on pots for committed spending.
I’m adding links to a sneak peek and explanations from @simonb and @Jami in regards to the development progress of this feature.


But it doesn’t stop you spending it.

This is exactly why I have a separate account with a building society for just my bills. On payday I put the exact amount in and just let it ride til about 3 or 4 days before payday (just to check I’ve not messed up somewhere).


Kind of regretting going through the effort of moving all of my DD’s to Monzo now!

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Why is that?

Or open an N26 or Starling account and use that as your spending account and Monzo as your billing account for now.

My strategy is use legacy for salary/direct debits (NatWest Rewards atm which pays back 2% on DDs), transfer monthly spending over to Monzo and Goals money over to Starling to keep it out of sight.

All my debits are set to come out on the 1st too (apart from PlusNet and their stupid billing system which is 3-5(or 6) working days after the bill date so last month 2nd came out the 13th). You can’t have the 1st either but can fudge it into the previous month so it’s closer to the 1st but still random

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Exactly this!

It’s something I’m definitely considering.

I have yet to find anything wrong with DD on monzo ( and I’ve tried).
Was relieved when my car tax notice arrived other day. A peace of mind that my car tax will be paid to the thieves the government :wink:.
Hope you find a workaround your problem though👍

That’s because it’s not a problem. It’s a solution to my issue with poor money management, which may not benefit other users. Monzo seem to be interested in helping people who have money management issues, and I have no shame in admitting I’m one of those people :blush: