MonzoPlus BarclayCard transactions show incorrect date

With Monzo Plus subscription, adding/connecting a UK BarclayCard and importing transactions. The transactions show incorrect date, they are 1 day out. I.e a transaction that occurred on Sunday 20th, and is shown as Sunday 20th in the BarclayCard app, is showing as Monday 21st in the Monzo app.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Subscribe to MonzoPlus
  2. Add BarclayCard account
  3. refresh transactions
  4. compare transaction date from BarclayCard and Monzo apps.

iOS 15.4.1


App Version:
4.27.0 #823


I saw the same thing with Nationwide credit cards. In that case, Nationwide was sending through the date the transaction settled, rather than when the purchase was made.

Maybe it’s the same here?


I think so. Monzo use the settled date for my barclaycard. The feed in the Barclays app retains the date the transaction was instigated.

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We really need the open banking standard to fix this!

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