FreeAgent: add transaction date to statement feed

This feature request was split out from my previous thread: FreeAgent integration has wrong dates:

Hi Business Banking Team

I am finding it difficult to reconcile my paper receipts because the transaction date does not appear in FreeAgent. The only date to appear in FreeAgent on transactions is the settled date which is typically a few days later. If you have multiple receipts of the same amount over multiple days (like a receipt for a daily coffee), its tough to know which one is which.

Barclays postfix the transaction date to the end of the description which helps greatly. Could monzo do the same please?

Receipt showing transaction date

Monzo FreeAgent entry with just the settled date


Barclays FreeAgent entry with transaction date in description


Barclays prefix each transaction in this way

Card transactions have their description appended with
"ON {date}///{amount}"

Foreign currency card transactions have their description appended with
"ON {date} VISA {conversion rate} FINAL GBP AMOUNT INCLUDES NON-STERLING TRANS FEE {coversion fee amount}///{amount}"

Direct debits have their description appended with
"DDR///{amount}" Note: without a date.

Standing orders have their description appended with
"FT///{amount}" Note: without a date.

I really want to use Monzo business banking but right now its making things more painful for me so I may well have to switch back to using Barclays until it becomes easier.

I understand feature requests need prioritising, hopefully this request is small enough to be considered soon and this separate thread allows other users to mark their interest too.

Keep up the good work :+1:

Kind Regards

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