Monzonaut AMA - Minnie - Team Lead Retail

Hello again Community!

Second up in our run of AMAs with the Monzonauts is @Minnie :tada:

Minnie has been on the rocket ship Monzo for over 3.5 years :rocket: and started as a COp specialising in lots of different areas (Vulnerabilities, Financial Difficulties, Business Banking and Troubleshooting to name a few) and now is a team lead in the Retail domain.

Minnie will be joining us to answer questions and give a bit more on what she does on Friday 25th June throughout the day but wanted to open the Topic now to see if there’s any questions for her in advance.

Minnie has just joined the Community so let’s make her feel welcome :heart:


Hi @Minnie! Welcome to the community!

  1. What are your thoughts on the ongoing issues with Tesco, and what if anything is Monzo doing to work with Tesco on fixing them?

I presume these things fall under your purview?

  1. There seems to be a little disparity between the iOS app and android app when it comes to bugs, with the iOS app having more issues. Is that something you’ve noticed internally, and do you have any further insight into why that may be? What is the troubleshooting process like at Monzo?

  2. Are you actively working on anything to improve or fix all the merchant data woes?

  3. Are offers your thing or owned by the Plus team? If the former, do you have any updates on how offers might evolve going forward?


I don’t understand what this means she does? It tells me nothing about what the scope of her job is. Or am I just stupid not knowing what “team lead in the retail domain” means in every day speak?


I think it means that all the merchant info being wrong is her fault? (sorry!)

Minnie, would you rather have fingers for toes or toes for fingers?


From her profile…

Uh oh. That didn’t take long :laughing:


I’ll let @Minnie give a bit more detail of what her role involves but it’s within the wide wide world of COps.

I have my own questions…

What is the biggest improvement you’ve seen happen within Monzo between starting and now?

What’s your favourite pet related Slack channel? :thinking:

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If you could improve one aspect of Monzo, what would it be, and why?


What is the current state & forecast path with Merchant Info? It’s a long running annoyance and a few people on this forum would be happy to help contribute to improving it - is there scope for this? What are the current thoughts of it internally by the Monzo team?



How have you found it adapting to working from home?
Do you have any top tips for WFH?

Thanks :grin:

Sorry for the jargon there! Day to day I manage a team of around 15 people. My team specialises in Troubleshooting, which means they are the communication between the Engineering team and our customers. It varies, but generally my team reports bugs, looks at quick fixes, helps with complex issues internally; they generally swoop in and save the day! :superhero:

I make sure we’re all working towards the same goals, help with development and feedback, encourage everyone to do what makes them happy in work and I report back any issues we find as a team to the relevant department to get fixed.

I hope that’s a bit more helpful! I’m happy to explain a bit more if you’d like :blush:


Hi Minnie & welcome :wave:

The problems reported will vary wildly between ‘reboot your phone’ and ‘complex server issue’ - do you have a scale/level of difficulty needed to resolve the issue that is applied to an issue report? Or is it simply levels of escalation that show how complex an issue is becoming?


Hi @Minnie!

If you were in a battle of the Dan’s against @danhughes and @dan5, who do you think would win. (Three way battle, to have the title of Best Dan)

You’re allowed to bring one weapon of your choice.


Is this gonna be an ongoing theme? :rofl::sweat_smile:


It’s going to end with a Monzo Battle Royale :boxing_glove:





Are you allowed to attend the company All Dans meeting?


Hi @Minnie When a user reports an issue where do you/Monzo draw the line on “uninstalling the app will fax that” vs something that needs to be proactively fixed?

Related to that are you the right person to advise on this issue which I’m still experiencing?

@Minnie will be here tomorrow to answer these questions :tada::blush:


Some genuine questions now, but all less important than my previous one…

  • Can you explain what the retail element of your role/title means - and are there any counterparts of your role that aren’t retail facing?
  • What’s the best thing Monzo have done during the pandemic to support you, and what stuff will you “keep”?
  • What’s the most bizarre problem that your team has had to solve?
  • Can you tell us more about your career journey at Monzo; what’s been your favourite role / how does the Monzo career journey work from your experience?
  • What did you do before Monzo?
  • Is there anything you’re working on at the moment that you’re particularly proud of and want to boast about a bit?