Can't see (scroll to) or search for transactions from before the 7th August

Looking in my transaction history I can’t scroll past the 7th August this year, I’ve had an account since the beta days so this is not accurate.

I also can’t search for transactions I know happened before that date.

Looking at my subscriptions (I may log another post about that area) repeated payments only show those before that same date.

Exporting the statements for months before August I can see the transactions.

I’d describe broken search as a fairly major issue and would encourage that this be looked at quickly.

I’ve updated to the app version stated below as part of trying to figure this out so it’s likely that it’s in the version that I was in previously as well but I’m not sure what version that is. Seems more like backend to me anyway but who am I to say?

Checking with someone else they don’t have this issue.

Reinstalling will probably fix it but I’ve never had to reinstall any other iOS app as much as I’ve had to reinstall Monzo and it makes me feel less trusting of them every time I have to…

Details to reproduce:
Keep scrolling into the past. OR
Search for a transaction you know happened before the 7th of August. OR
Look at a repeated payment that has happened for a long time.

iOS 14.2
iPhone 8
App Version:

I can’t scroll past this (Image cropped for privacy).

I’ve had an Audible account for a long time taking out this amount for a long time.
Whilst these views are consistent with each other they are unfortunately consistently wrong.

That Cheeky Nando’s is the culprit :rofl:

I’d say that the usual uninstall, restart device, download app, login to app dance :bananadance: will do the trick. It has done before for users reporting the same issue.


This has come up before. As far as I recall, it was a display issue. You can do what @davidwalton suggests, and it will almost certainly work. But I’d try force closing the app, and reopening it first. It’s quicker, easier, and will probably sort it out.

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Yeah I’m pretty sure that a reinstall will fix the app but how do we end up with a reinstall not being the fix for this?

I know we’re all community members etc etc but I think that there’s a difference between a Bug report and troubleshooting. I know how to get myself out of this but I’m hoping that this post will result in this getting investigated.

If we have to keep telling people “reinstall the app” that’s really bad isn’t it? There shouldn’t be old known issues where this is the solution.

I think this one is especially bad as returning bad search results could really scare people and cause other issues:

  • “OMG I never paid that bill, I’ll pay it now!”
  • “What account did I use when I paid that person last time”

People make financial decisions based of data based in the app and they might not assume like I did that there was an issue with the app and investigate it.

Also seeing as Monzo is meant to make taking control of my money easier this bug is pretty embarrassing isn’t it? I’ve never had an issue like that with another banking app.


Bugs happen in all apps. Just because you’ve never experienced it with another app doesn’t mean they don’t have them.

It’s probably a caching issue somewhere. It’s not a common issue so probably not something they are giving a high priority to.

I’d hope you were right, but as I said above, it has been reported in the past, and if there was ever any investigation made, or fixes applied, it clearly hasn’t worked. Sad, and wrong, but true.

This is one of the reasons I only use Monzo as a spending card.

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That’s the spirit Revels!
Yes now you mention it I remember when Monzo launched their attitude was “Other apps are buggy let’s make one like that!”

That’s also not considering that it could cause people serious issues and that it’s not like a bug where you get logged out or the app crashes.
It’s not clear that the app is doing something seriously wrong here so it’s unlikely to be reported as much as other types of issues.

Yes it could cause “serious” issues and now you’ve reported it, I’m sure this is the nudge they need to fix it.

Cool glad you agree! Can you hit the vote button at the top so we can try and get the issue more prominence?


(Voting for bugs seems super backwards)

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@cookywook Would it be possible to get a Monzo perspective on this?

I’m still experiencing this bug. Uninstalling fixes it for a while but it always comes back.
Can’t scroll back or search past the 1st October currently.
It’s especially irritating if you have a few quarterly bills.

I’ve now moved to an iPhone 12 mini on latest iOS.

Anyone else experiencing it?

Thinking about it further whilst the search being wrong is bad it’s probably worse that it seems to also make the history for a merchant wrong as it only goes back as far as the search.

I was going to say it could be your phone but A) An 8 isn’t that old B) You’ve upgraded now anyway

I just checked and I can scroll back to June 2018 when I joined Monzo.

The fact uninstalling fixes it for a while makes me think it must be a caching issue somehow/somewhere, but if it was a certain transaction causing a problem then your problem wouldn’t move with you as such, it would be stuck on a certain date.

Heyo :wave:

Jumping in here from the AMA, we are aware of this bug and we are working on fixes for the issue but sadly it’s one of these bugs that will take some time before we are able to release a fix.

To give some context this bug is only on iOS and is to do with how iOS stores your transactions, sometimes (from personal experience, normally after an app update) iOS tries to optimise storage and removes old transactions, once these are removed currently the app doesn’t know that these have been deleted so we can’t show any transactions or know to ask to update them.

I know our teams have a few ideas on how to fix this but as this is such a key part of our app we need to take extra steps to ensure that whatever we do doesn’t impact the performance of the app.