Loving the newest app version

Ohhhhhhhh :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Loving the new layout, the different accounts and pots scrolling across is much easier on the eye and much more practical than the initial version.

One question, how do I transfer money between accounts? I get the options in increments of £5 but I need to transfer a specific amount and I’m unable to input this anywhere…
Please help

If you tap on the amount between the -/+ you will be able to type your own amount in


Thank you, tried it and it’s worked…

Do you know where I can see my total balance including money in pots by any chance?

There’s a new layout, and this hasn’t changed? :scream:


Did the new Navigation show the total amount of what is in your personal account and pots back on 7th? I think it did, but I can’t see that now since I’ve just re-enabled Labs. Maybe its better that you don’t have the total in all accounts as it just confuses you I think.

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Yes, with the previous update when I clicked on the blue stacked cards in the right hand corner I could see my total balance. But I haven’t been able to view my total balance on this new version

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Another issue I’m not sure I like too much is that when going into Home, it pulls up the list of transactions and covers the cards too much, instead of being able to click on the card/swipe between accounts/pots to get to the one you want to see. I’m guessing its been designed so you see Today and the last 2 previous days you had any transactions? Instead of just keeping the transactions list lowered as default? Anyone have any thoughts on this? Are you happy with the way it pops up so you have to click on it to pull it down?

Thought so

I was reverted back to the old layout a few days ago, been tested the new layouts for months. Is there a reason why and can I get the new layout back please? Does anyone know?

Did you turn off Labs? Check in Settings | Labs and turn the section you want to see back on.

I did nothing but accept the new app update, the new app layout was never in labs for me when I accepted it and is not an option now… anyone know what’s up

It’s likely because of this:


Yes im on 2.55.1 so can see it.

Oh… I have a joint account with my partner… that kind sucks as I am getting FOMO :frowning: but thanks @alessiopiergiacomi

When will the new version become available on the Apple App Store at the moment the version there is 2.54.1 @alessiopiergiacomi

This has been crying out for a little UI tweak for a while now :pray::laughing:

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Check the statement history under profile for total balance. Should be there for now.

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One think I’ve noticed against about the new Layout is that obviously Summary is missing, and now that Tesco Pay+ has done an automatic card check on me for £2.00, and it’s categorised the Payment as Groceries, I can’t actually see this under Summary :frowning: so not why the App asks me whether I want to categorise the payment, I also can’t see anything to do with Budgeting.

Yes obviously if I go back to the Stable App, it would show me, but I like to see what’s happening going forward :slight_smile:

Let’s keep the discussion of the ‘new navigation’ in the appropriate thread please.