iOS Widget

With Joint accounts, the iOS Widget only shows the balance of the last account you had open. Would be much more useful to show both balances.

As an extra idea, it would good to be able to tap to switch between ‘balance’, ‘summary balance’ (ie; left for the month), and ‘balance including pots’.

Fair enough if Monzo don’t want the last one, because they have plans for Pot’s being linked to separate accounts. So you could just show ‘balance immediately available’ for Emergancy reasons

Just a thought…


Great idea! I imagine the left to spend figure is becoming more important, especially when you’re full Monzo

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Ideally it should have the option of showing both accounts and not be set like that. For me I don’t use my personal account so no use for seeing it on the iOS widget

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The iOS app has widgets? I didn’t even know that was a thing.

If widgets come to android I’d personally prefer to see balances for sole and joint at the same time.


Yeah I definitely want to see both, but being able to choose exactly what you’re seeing from either would be ideal for me.

You turn the widget on from within the app, so I guess you could turn on Joint and Personal separately if you didn’t want both…

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Would love for the widget to be as customisable as Carrot Weather.



This definitely needs to happen. Either a widget for each account and each pot, or a slick multi view widget to scroll through each account stat.

Equally useful would be a mini summary of things like current spend, money surplus and upcoming transactions.

Definitely agree as I will be using both accounts daily.

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I’m new here, and fairly new to Monzo too. Did a search as per guidelines & found exactly the feedback thread I was about to create. This definitely needs to happen! I use the iOS widget quite a bit & now with a Joint account as well, I find it confusing seeing a seemingly random amount in the widget - then seconds later realising its showing the balance of the last opened account! What’s more, the widget doesn’t tell you which account its currently showing.

Widget to show multiple accounts please! :raised_hands: