Monzo Widget Not Available

I’ve tried adding Monzo as a widget onto my phone and it won’t allow me. It’s not even coming up with the option to add it. I’ve tried deleting the app and re downloading it but still not working

Any advice or help will be highly appreciated :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What phone do you have ?

Are you on iOS 14? There’s no new style Home Screen widget available if so.

You can still get the old style on the screen to the left of your first home screen.

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If you’re referring to iOS, there isn’t one in respect of the addition of the home screen widgets in iOS14

There is one however on the today view if you swipe left on your home screen.

You can however vote for iOS14 widgets below:

There are none on Android either.

iPhone 11 Pro…

The Monzo widget is one of the old style. It’s not one of the iOS 14 widgets.

To add it, go on to your widget screen to the left of your first screen of icons. Scroll down and click Edit. Scroll down and click Customise. Scroll down to Monzo and click the green plus icon next to it.

Your widget will be added to the widget screen.