iOS Widget Woes

What is the point of the iOS widget if it only updates when you open the app?

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Could be worse. You could have no widgets like us Android folk :sob:


Pretty sure it’s just abandonware at this point. Pointless using it.

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Mine updates instantly - :eyes: - I just tested it with a purchase, and it was updated straight away after swiping over to the widgets.


You still have an iOS widget?

Surprised Monzo didn’t update this to an iOS 14 one to be honest, the “legacy widgets” are not in the same league.

EDIT: Just re-enabled the orig widget, I’d forgotten it existed!

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Monzo really have given up on OS-specific features - which is kind of understandable in the name of OS parity, but then there’s so many other little things that are disparate across the two OSs that it just makes it yet another paper cut.

It’s like the iOS and Android teams aren’t allowed to experiment any more.

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I can’t seem to set up an iOS widget for Monzo anymore. It’s a shame as it would be super useful.

They still have a pre-iOS 14 widget.

You have to swipe left to the widget homepage, tap Edit, then Customise … that’ll give you all the old-style widgets, and they can only live on that page.


Ooh cool thank you!

Had your app been recently open? I had a payment go out at about 2:30am and the widget wasn’t updated 6 hours later. Or maybe it’s different for card transactions :man_shrugging:

This was a card transaction, hadn’t had it open I don’t think (:man_shrugging:), and was a payment to Amazon.

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