Build a Bank: Monzo with Richard Dingwall 📻

New podcast with @rdingwall :tada:

When you interact with your bank, it probably feels different than when you interact with a software technology company. That’s because the biggest banks in the world were started before software became such a universally important tool. Their core competency is banking–not consumer software.

Today, most banks make consumer-facing software. But these banks were not founded by engineers. The software development process at a typical bank does not look like the software development process at a software company like Netflix.

Monzo is a digital bank that focuses on high quality engineering. Since it was started in 2015, Monzo has always thought of itself as a software company. This gives it certain advantages over older banks.

Today’s guest Richard Dingwall is an engineer at Monzo, and he joins the show to describe Monzo’s software architecture, the engineering strategy, and its migration to Kubernetes. Richard has prior experience at several different banks and financial institutions.


“So talk us through the process of what happens when the customer puts a cheque into an ATM”

Well the customer had now lost their cheque :grin: Dont think the interviewer had quite understood all the practicalities

Good listen, got a bit too technical for me in places but enough interesting information for non programmers and engineers.


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