Building a Bank with Go - Presentation 📺

Here’s @matt’s recent presentation at QCon which you can watch, with a split screen displaying the slides here.

This is a great summary of the talk too -

You can view Matt’s slides from the talk, which include lots of diagrams of Monzo’s microservices architecture, here -

it also includes this chart showing rapid growth of Monzo’s services :eyes:

as well as a diagram, showing how much communication there is between Monzo’s backend services (each line is a message), when you make a transaction :eyes:

And check out Monzo’s open source Typhon framework, “a transport layer for microservice [RPC] communication” here -

while Monzo’s Phosphor application is used for distributed tracing -

PS Monzo are currently hiring engineers :slight_smile:


The presentation shows May launch date for the accounts :sunglasses: :yum:


Ha! I’ve tried that one before :wink:

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This presentation is from earlier this month though … This years QCon London was March 5-7. Wouldn’t they update the slides? :slight_smile:

As much as I’d like you to be right, the point is the dates are there for illustrative purposes & Matt wasn’t confirming the launch date as part of his presentation :slight_frown:

Hey, nice one @alexs! Also, didn’t know you had a public github, so thanks. :fire:

By the way, this thread is on HN’s front page right now. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: