Monzo USA Beta Update - Dec 2019 :monzo_usa:

Ah if you live abroad technically you have to have a Schwab One International account. It is a brokerage account with checking. Not a Bank Account.

Oh, that’s why people on Flyertalk say to maintain a US address and contact details if at all possible on your Schwab account if you end up leaving the country long-term.

I believe that would be a against T&C

I actually decided to do some digging- the way the T&C is written for the full Schwab bank account regarding that issue seems to dance around the question of residency.

If you do not maintain a United States address (no Post Office boxes) as your Schwab Bank address of record for your Schwab Bank account(s), we may close your Schwab Bank account(s).

No regard as to how you maintain that address, just that you’re able to keep one on file.

I’m really hoping that the US/UK instant money transfer is available soon. I have UK Monzo and US Monzo account and love how I can flick between them easily in the app, but I am desperate to be able to send money between accounts at the touch of a button.

Often people in the UK pay into my UK Monzo account and I have to just spend on that card rather than do anything else with it.

Similarly I have bills etc still to pay in the UK but have no efficient way to send money to my UK Monzo account. My options are:

  • Use HSBC’s global view as I have UK and US accounts with them. The positive of this is that it’s instant but the big negative is that they nail you on the exchange rate.
  • Send to my UK Monzo from my US Revolut account. Positive of this is that it’s free and the real interest rate, the negative is that it takes between 12-48 hours depending on what day of the week and time I do it.

Ideally in the future I’ll get paid in to Monzo and have all bills paid out of Monzo whether it’s US or UK.

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Unrelated to the topic but just out of curiosity…

@robbiekeane You have a UK Monzo account and a US Monzo account. They are both shown in the app. Your UK account is obviously active. So, if you select a UK account/card and see the transaction feed - if you pull the transaction feed down, does the ‘blue pill’ appear at the top with the sort code & account number displayed?

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@davidwalton hey. Yes it does…and I was just going to say that doing the same for the US account though just says “pending”. But since activating my card this morning (just back after Xmas) it shows my routing and account number for that too.

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Interesting. Thank you for the response, much appreciated. And to double-check - are you on non-testflight iOS?

@Js38wju3jda - the ‘lack-of-the-blue-pill-issue’ may be a problem specific to your device/installation/configuration or profile.

@davidwalton not sure what that means mate…I’m on iOS 13.3

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Good enough - this kind of helps understand another situation. Thanks again.


Have you looked at other services like TransferWise? You can either send between bank accounts or set up a borderless account and just keep different currencies in there

@hugemittons I have looked at it and think it’s going to be the way to go. Problem is it still charges a fee particularly for small amounts and I don’t always have the foresight to be able to group all my transfers together. Throughout the month i often have to make a couple of transfers depending in unanticipated outgoings on either side of the pond

Hi @simonb ! I currently live in the UK and have a UK monzo account, but am moving back to the US in June. Do you think it’s possible to receive at least a beta US account by mid June 2020? Or has everything been put on hold given the pandemic? Many thanks for your help. Em.

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It should be possible - get in touch once you have moved. I won’t still be working here by then but there will be people here to help :blush:

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Come to think of it, are there any major updates forthcoming, or is further development basically on hold until the pandemic is over?


Heya, any news from the US team? As far as I can tell there hasn’t been an update in the year 2020. Would be great to hear what’s going on. :slight_smile:


Congratulations on Plus for UK accounts!

Are there any updates for us US folk?


Yeah, a quick update to keep us beta people in the loop would be really nice.

My guess is given the current situation with the world, things have had to slow down for the US.


Any updates from USA?


See: Monzo In America

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