We're coming to the USA! 🎉

Hey everyone :wave:

We will be launching our first Monzo accounts and signature Hot Coral cards in the US very soon! :us:
We’ll be signing up the first US customers in face to face events this summer (we’ll be announcing them on Twitter, so keep an eye out!).

In the meantime, if you are based in the US we’d love to hear what you want from your account, what do you love from your checking account? What doesn’t quite cut it? :man_shrugging:

We know the product we launch with won’t be perfect, that’s why we want your feedback and ideas, so we can create something that makes money work for everyone in the US.

More details:

Chat to us! :sparkling_heart:


Are you intending to introduce a new community forum for the US or section section specific to the US?

It could get a bit complicated on here with queries and observations that do not track across the UK and US (e.g. most of us with have never seen one of those mad card terminals you sign on unless you have been there on holiday)


Great question! For now, let’s try to keep all US-specific questions in this category. As it grows we’ll figure out if we need to introduce new sub-categories, or something else entirely :slight_smile:


What is the limit of sign-ups? 1,000? 10,000?

What is the target areas for sign-ups? LA? San Francisco? New-York? Vegas? Just West-coast or coast to coast?

In terms of what the US guys get, what will they get? the old UI, pots? savings pots?

Hi :wave:, did anyone noticed on the Monzo page regarding ‘ Monzo is coming to the USA :us: ’ Monzo is finally expanding out of the UK :uk:



“The Monzo Mastercard Debit Card is issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated.”


@rasasu moved your post to here :grin:

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I obviously have my :uk: Monzo current account as my main account. I’ve just signed up to the :us: waitlist. I’m wondering what the process will be for individuals who want (or even need) both :uk: and :us: accounts, such as myself?

Will it be possible? Will verification be easier as we’re already with Monzo? Will it be in the same app? Etc etc.

(I also sent this to COps)


Probably a bit too early to ask, but are there any plans to allow non US citizens to open an account?

My grandparents rent out their villa in Florida, and have a bank account with Wells Fargo to handle all their bills. They aren’t citizens but do have a social security number I believe! :slight_smile:

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It could be that given a few months down the line (due to the need to have dollar accounts) UK Monzo account holders will be able to have a $ account and vice-versa


We’ll see where we have the most demand, based on the waitlist, and then choose where to do events based on that :slightly_smiling_face: I think it’s fairly safe to say that we’ll be doing many events in major cities though.


Just thinking due to the possible time differences (with the US office being in Las Vegas) whether it would be targeted or subject to demand - good luck with the roll-out!

So is @monzousa a thing now? (mon-zoo-za!)


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That’s fine :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I’d like to know this also. I use USD a lot. Using transferwise currently. I can keep USD on my UK account with them. Do we need to have an address in the USA for Monzo? My company has a US branch there.

For now, you’ll only be able to get a US account if you have a US address and US social security number.




For those that do, will they have to log out and log back in to switch between US & UK accounts? Or will the app allow both at once?

Also, can you say anything about this:


Well, I have both on my app at once right now and I can switch between them similarly to how you switch between joint accounts. I can’t promise 100% this is how it’ll work for non-Monzonautss with both accounts, but it’d be nice. :sparkles:


Ideally you would have the option to switch like you do between your joint and personal. That would be great.
Will you need a US mobile number also?
In the UK you just need an address and sim.
Do you really need a social security number for the USA Monzo?