Current Monzo UK users in USA

I’m an American who recently returned to SF after 3 amazing years in London (for the record London >>> SF. Don’t @ me).

Naturally I had a Monzo account in the UK and am wondering if I’ll be able to convert or somehow link it with my future Monzo USA account, or if they’ll be completely independent of each other (in which case what do I do in the Monzo app)?


I think they will be independent, at least to start off.

I was reading comments on The Verge article where people say US banks already have these features (instant notification, pots, card freeze, etc), what’s your experience with US banking? Just curious, as far as I know, they are far behind the UK.

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This was mentioned by Oliver earlier:


Hello gang!

I’m a Digital Product Designer working at Airbnb in SF. I’ve been in SF for nearly 2 years now. Started out by using my Monzo card but eventually was forced to get a bank account and start building my credit :tired_face:. So now I have two accounts and a credit card. It sucks! I’d LOVE to help you launch here in the US.


This would be excellent to have both on the device at once, and even better if we can use to move money from the US bank to the UK and back. I am in the US now but have my UK Monzo, but no direct deposit into a bank there any longer, and PayPal as a stepping stone between the two is a pain (and often costly). Perhaps a feature request for when banking features arrive.

Very excited to have Monzo come to the US!


Same question here. I am a British-American citizen who goes back and forth between UK and USA (but will be remaining in the UK permanently soon) and I’d absolutely love to not have to have any US money I get put through TransferWise -> converted (inc. fee) -> sent to Monzo (another fee). The fees aren’t exorbitant but it’s a lot of hassle, and I’d rather just have the two accounts that are linked to each other. I have a US bank account as well but they make me create a separate account for designated savings (!!!) which is just a massive hassle, and I’d rather just use that for managing my insurance, etc. but keep my various pots and day to day use with Monzo (US) until we’re fully finished with US banking.


I use Transferwise a lot. Tend to load GBP onto my borderless account. When the exchange rate is reasonable I add it to my USD account with a click of a button.
Then click send (to another bank) using the balance on the payment step. Send some this week overseas, only a few dollars. Maybe 4.50 USD for a large amount. Very cheap.

How do I access UK Monzo site while I am in US? It is oversmart and redirects me to US site no matter what I do.

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What bit of the site do you need?

Can recreate this here too there doesn’t appear to be a way to view the UK homepage on a US connection which is a bit of an oversight however all the urls do work if you directly load them

Looks like monzo are using cloudflare to do it

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Did find a URL that I needed through which I was able to browser but Monzo do need to consider this.

Hey Jack, surprising/not surprising I’d see you here!

Hi - I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread earlier.

I have moved to the US and I have a social security number and at a resident now. Am I able to get a monzo USA account? I have a UK one which I still use when I go home. Any way to skip the wait list?:relieved:

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Hi Robbie, there’s not currently a way to skip the waiting list. We’re still only giving cards out at events which we’ll post on here and on twitter as soon as we’re ready to start giving out more cards!

Where are you based?

New York City!

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Hey Anthony,

I was an early monzo (mondo) adopter and I am currently visiting the US on a research visit as part of my PhD. I am getting some of the costs reimbursed but they are only making payments by cheque and so I need to open a checking account. I was really hoping to be able to get a monzo USA card/account to do this rather than go with a traditional bank. Do you know of any launch events taking place soon in the LA (Westwood/Santa Monica) area? and can I open a US account if I already have a UK one?

Is a solution to this having a US balance/account within the Monzo account? Similar to Transferwise or Revolut.

Why is enabling Monzo USA for Monzo UK customers taking this long if it was already working in June of this year?

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Working on the phone of the head of engineering mind

I’d not heard that this was something they were actively looking to roll out in the short term.

In my imagination, while they’re still giving out US accounts ‘in person’ the overlap with current UK customers isn’t going to be a significant limiting factor to the roll out.