Getting Cheques / Checks / Cash into Monzo account

I know this has been brought up in other threads but I wanted to make sure that we had this in the “Ideas” section for visibility. I also understand that we are in beta so this may very well be road mapped already.

We need to use checks to some capacity still. We only recently started using chips on our cards so I can only imagine how much longer it is going to take before our dependency on checks is eradicated. Many renters have to use checks, some utilities need them, some of our DMVs, etc.

If there was a method to have Monzo mail a check on our behalf it would lessen the burden of going to a grocery store and purchasing a mail order and then sending that off.

Conversely, getting checks or cash into our accounts would be needed too. Being able to deposit checks via the app like many current mobile apps would satisfy both cash and check deposits because we could just a get a money order and deposit that way. I do not know of any nationwide programs similar to what UK users enjoy for depositing cash into their accounts.

Hopefully it won’t be too hard to implement a system for cheques where you mail them to monzo.

Is there a system in the US where the receiver pays for the mail, so for example in the UK you put on the envelope FREEPOST and then an identifier for the account and the business gets billed so you can just drop it off for free?

I think the closest the US has is Business Reply but that’s subject to very specific rules about how the envelope is designed (you can’t just write FREEPOST MONZO and expect it to get to Monzo alas!).

I guess they could use Business Reply and just supply US customers with the envelopes when they first sign up. It costs Monzo nothing if people don’t use them, although it’s a bit wasteful.

Edit: Found a Wiki article:

It does seem wasteful, can you print off a label and stick it on any envelope? That should be an ok stopgap

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Good idea Tony.

That is our only system for “free postage” and to kolok’s question, I do not think that a Business Reply sticker exists. If at the beginning we would need to mail checks to them, that would be okay, but certainly not a long term solution. I wish our banking wasn’t so backwards. I do like that we can “Top Up” instantly with a debit card. So for the time being I can use my current bank to get cash/checks into Monzo.


I’m just hoping that Monzo USA pushes Monzo UK to finish cheque imaging for everyone.


It’d be a completely different backend unfortunately, although I suppose front-end code relating to scanning and some of the assets could be reused :thinking:

mailing cheques in itself would be a security nightmare. mail theft is rampant near where live, i once had secret service locking off all the mailboxes in my neighbourhood because cheques kept getting stolen and cashed out in other people’s names :grimacing:

i requested this feature in another thread but this is literally the #1 functionality i feel like monzo is missing for a bank right now:


The entirety of our banking system is built on vulnerabilities. Banks not using proper MFA (sms/sim jacking) , just now adopting chips in our cards, etc. For online transactions I use virtual cards only.

Mailing checks is another but we need some steps along the way while it’s fleshed out in order to go “Full Monzo”. Using privacy envelopes and being vigilant about our accounts are about the only thing that we can do until the US joins the modern world.

Depositing a check via app is pretty common in the US, has been for years.

Hopefully Monzo can implement this faster in the US given how common it is.

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Is Monzo planning the ability for customers to send cheques in the US?

Sounds like it may be necessary in a way it isn’t in the UK.

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Yes, check is the only method of P2P payments realistically without using a third party. When I pay someone via a legacy bank it physically mails out a check.

I am a little stuck about how to get funds into the account because its on a check :confused:

Short of depositing that check into another account and doing a top up on your Monzo account I am not sure.

Yeah however the top up limits will be an issue

Fair, you would then just have to rely on the old and slow ACH transfer until Monzo adds some kind of mobile deposit :frowning:

Yeah, but to do that I need to open another account :see_no_evil:

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Hello! Did anyone get to the bottom of the best way to deposit checks into their Monzo in the meantime? I’ve just opened a US Monzo :partying_face: and am moving to the US from the UK in a couple of weeks. I’m going to be low on funds for a while but do have a check in dollars that I’d like to cash in. I won’t have any alternative US bank account so would really love an easy way to do this if anyone has any tips :heart_eyes:

Hey! You can use PayPal for mobile check deposit as well as prepaid services from American Express (bluebird.) Also, is the check you have from a specific bank? If so you can go there to get cash.

Unfortunately, at the moment there’s no easy way of getting a check into your Monzo account. The quickest way is to open an account at a local bank or credit union wherever you’re arriving, deposit it there, and top it up to Monzo with that bank’s debit card.