Monzo USA Beta Update - Dec 2019 :monzo_usa:

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Awesome! Is it already possible to get a card by post then? I have a sister over there and would love to show Monzo to her kids…

The US Monzo account is currently very limited. Basically just spending.

So no pots or salaries?

Nope, no pots and limited ACH compatibility.


Well sounds like pots are imminent, and I guess topups are fine for those just testing…


If you can get her on the waitlist, then pop us a message in chat from your account and let us know her address then we can see what we can do :wink:


Yeah but getting a top up done is actually pretty difficult given they don’t take checks.

There is no faster payments service in the US. Just Wires and ACH. Monzo does not take wires.

If I try to send money with my legacy bank, it mails a check. Monzo does not take checks.

If I try paypall, Venmo, Zelle they don’t support Monzo :man_shrugging:

Hopefully these features come soon :blush:

I will try debit card top up soon, but right now my legacy account does not have one.

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Thanks for posting this! Excited to see the update in January.


Does having a US account stop you getting a UK one? One of them may study in the UK, so I’ll tell her to wait if not

I hope Pots and Round-Ups are coupled up :blush:

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Just heard about Monzo and to be honest I’m super excited! I’m looking forward to having more control over my banking experience. When pots arrive (and I’m able to get a U.S. Monzo account) I’m going to setup a transfer to a pot every time I don’t take the toll. I can’t wait to setup automations with my :heavy_dollar_sign::heartpulse:. If there are any spots on the waitlist, please reach out! I’m happy to provide feedback and spread the word :v:


Super excited to have you here, @codycodes! If you drop me a DM with the email address you’ve used to sign up for the waitlist I’ll see if I can get work any magic to get you bumped up the list :wink:


Topups are OK for a lot of people but are somewhat limited by the fact that you’re bound to one bank/card to top up from (manual intervention from the support team required to switch cards) and as I discovered, Discover Bank’s cards aren’t supported. What is nice, though, is that unlike Revolut’s US beta product, Monzo processes top-ups in the US so I was able to link my Venmo card (whose biggest limitation is that it does not function at non-US merchants, whether on the internet or in person, a gap which Monzo happens to fill quite nicely).

Still, definitely worth coming along for the ride. The more people trying it and giving feedback, the more the people at Monzo know what people want and don’t want out of Monzo.

That aside, a couple things I’m curious about are when Monzo will seek to become a bank in the US as well, and what direction the currently in testing UK/US integration will go. I imagine there will be a few Americans who also want a UK bank account, whether it’s because they’ll actually be moving there, go there often and want to just save some of their money in the currency they’ll be spending in, or because they want to be able to do bill splitting with UK users.

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Monzo may not seek a charter in the US, though they might offer bank accounts rather than prepaid cards.

Simple, Chime, Fidelity, Schwab.

Alll use third party banks. Much like an MVNO does in Europe.

Oh, that was based on me reading their initial launch announcement from back in June.

Longer term we’ll apply to become fully licensed as a US Bank. But because that’s a long process we want to start serving the US sooner, so we can learn and iterate fast.

If they can work like Fidelity that’d be fine also.

(Simple and Schwab don’t belong on that list- Schwab is a fully licensed bank, and Simple was bought by the bank they’re using so the bank isn’t quite a third party to them anymore)

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Schwab’s Expat account used Chase if I remember correctly.

Interesting read below.

Aha. I didn’t know they use a third party for expats. I’m a US citizen so I just got the standard account type where Charles Schwab Bank is the backing entity.

Ah if you live abroad technically you have to have a Schwab One International account. It is a brokerage account with checking. Not a Bank Account.

Oh, that’s why people on Flyertalk say to maintain a US address and contact details if at all possible on your Schwab account if you end up leaving the country long-term.