When I will be able to open my account here in the U.S?

I recently moved from the UK - the banks and the credit cards here in the U.S are a pain!! Please… please let me open my Monzo account ASAP!! I read somewhere that there will be Monzo events here in the U.S. where you should be able to get your card… is that happening? if so - please share that info.

Thanks - looking forward to Monzo U.S.


Make sure you sign up to the waiting list here to be the first to know when and where. :grinning:

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Thanks for your note redshif!
I have already done it (couple of hours ago) - do you know if anyone has received his/her card yet?

Thanks - DM.

No. The US launch was only announced a couple of days ago!

Hi there David! We haven’t started giving out cards yet, but keep an eye out here on the forum and as soon as we have updates on the events, we’ll let you know :grinning:

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Thanks for your message Simon! :grinning: Can’t wait to experience Monzo here in the U.S. please keep me posted!

All the best,


Hey David. I love your excitement here. I’ve never been to the US. Could you give us brits some insight into why the US banks and cards are a pain? Thanks!

Hi Josh - apologies for the slight delay coming back to you. In terms of the ‘pains’ caused to ‘me’ by the American banks/cards:

  • bank transfers can take up to 3 business days to be completed;
  • transactions e.g. purchases made by card can take 3 days to be shown on your balance;
  • withdraws from any other bank ATM will cost you 3$;
  • debit/credit card purchases online may be rejected without any clear reason;
  • bank / card pdf statements can be reviewed on the desktop site only.
  • customer support is not great either - taking up to 25 min to talk with an agent;
  • chat support is often misleading providing wrong information;
  • any missed payment - it will cost you 25$, even if you tried to pay within the payment deadline (last day), because, they may have an East Cost (6pm) deadline even if you are in the West Coast;
  • Their iOS app is not easy to navigate and the interface design is quiet bad.

Please note that the points outlined above are based on my short experience with an U.S. bank.
I’m sure, users here in the U.S. must have better experiences with other banks. However, I do believe that the user experience in the UK is 10 times better (I’m not British btw). Finally, for these reasons I’m very keen to have Monzo here in the U.S. :slight_smile:


OMG sounds like a nightmare. We’ve got it good in the UK with all the emerging fintech’s and open banking.

Your experiences sound like the issues I have with banking in latin america (or worse) as my better half is from there.
Just to receive USD in Santander they charge you 100 USD and can take 2-3 days to show in your account. They even call you first by phone.

To be fair, UK traditional banking gets around 90% of the list.

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Hello Simon!
I’m looking to open a new checking account soon and I’m excited for Monzo. However I’m also trying to be realistic about sign up availability! No pressure, just trying to get an understanding - are we talking weeks, months or still undetermined?

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