Monzo Ukrainian Appeal

Just seen this in app.


Better late than never! :hot_coral_heart:

Top work, Monzofolk.


Have other banks done this already? I know Chase have but haven’t seen others.

super proud of the team that worked on this, they’ve been working non-stop to implement this :smiley:


Do you need to have marketing preferences turned on, do you know? I haven’t seen it (but I have all the toggles set to off).

:person_shrugging: I have personalised marketing turned on.

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I know Metro Bank are currently accepting donations through their Magic Money Machines where usually the donations went to a cancer trust but now goes towards a fund that is directed to help Ukraine (I can’t remember the funds actual name).

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Good to see, maybe it’s just rolling out as we speak

It should be here for anyone looking for it;

Just at the top of your transactions on the main page :ukraine:

Seen it in Barclays too, and maybe RBS as well


I have it on and haven’t seen it either.

A side question, are donations through Monzo anonymous? That’s largely why with appeals like this I opt for donating via Apple. It just looks like a regular purchase with Apple, so it doesn’t show on my my bank statement as looking like a donation and the charity never knows who made it, which is how I prefer it.

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I get the charity not knowing who donated (although it’s financially better for everyone if you use gift aid), but why not on your bank statement? Are you trying to hide your charitable donations from yourself?!


I’ve not seen this spam in app yet, will be cleared as soon as I do though.

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An appeal for charity is not “spam”.


Mostly personal preference. I like to keep my donations from prying eyes, including my bank’s. Though the latter is less of a concern, particularly with banks like Monzo who aren’t in the data brokerage business.


Just showed up for me after going to the manage tab and back to the feed!

I like the beating heart.



Literally the definition of spam

“irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the internet, typically to a large number of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.”

I haven’t asked for it, it’s been sent to a mass market, it’s advertising a charity appeal.

It’s horses for courses, it’s spam to me, but I’ll not carry on as that detracts from the thread and will be off topic.


I have all marketing things enabled and don’t have this yet :man_shrugging:

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I havent seen anything encouraging donations in app at my other banks, but Santander does have this on their homepage

I suppose one could argue it’s not irrelevant in this current situation, nor does it fall under advertising/phishing/malware?