Donating monthly to Monzo


What about an option to donate to Monzo on a monthly basis ? The accounts should stay free but why not pay as much as we believe the service is worth or as much as we feel comfortable with (including 0) ?

They’re a bank, not a charity. :man_shrugging:t2:


Donate to a company? Not even sure how that would work given Monzo are not registered as a charity (nor should they be).



sorry your wages are 0 this month, but thanks for your work , must try harder ???

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No, not something I’d do


How much would you donate?
Would you do the same with Amazon, because you are a customer of theirs?
How much would you donate to your phone provider each month?


With thousands of charities that actually need funding why the fuck should people be donating to a bank. They aren’t doing it for fun they are a business, remember they make money holding your cash, deals with providers, charging fees etc

Pay for Plus or Premium if you feel like giving them cash.

:exploding_head: Argh.


If he has some disposable income and would like to donate, let him. Let’s not judge him on who he may or may not already donate to.

I’m sure everyone in this topic spends their money on stuff that others would disagree with.


Everyone is free to spend their money however they wish.

It’s the suggestion of the idea that I’m strongly opposed to. Encouraging the idea that customers should donate to a bank is just wrong on all levels.

Unless thats a food “bank”.

:pray: Help people if you have extra cash to spend.


The concept of donating to a bank is…slightly incredible.

Big ‘NO’ to this to the extent that if Monzo even sniffed at supporting the idea I’d be reconsidering my banking arrangements.

Edited to add that I can’t imagine how this idea would ever be attractive to potential investors and without those, Monzo’s future may be bright but it will also be short.


This is a new level of customer loyalty :joy:


To extend the conversation, why are some businesses and services worthy of ‘donations’ in the form of tipping?

Presumably someone is going to say “good service” but why wouldn’t that apply to people in Customer Services who go over and above to sort out a complaint?

Why do I tip my haircutter but not my car mechanic? Why are we happy to allow Deliveroo to request a tip for the courier of my food, but not Hermes for the courier of my Amazon next–day?

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Surely that’s a personal thing. I always use the same garage for my car, they always go above and beyond and I always say thank you with a crate of beers. They love it.

Gifts may not be the same as tipping but can be equally as rewarding.

As for Hermes, my workplace gave our lady a £100 amazon voucher at xmas which i thought was nice, just as a thank you for always bringing a smile into the office, regardless of the weather.

Surely you tip if you feel the service is worthy of it? Regardless of what the service was?


Wouldn’t do it myself, but I don’t think it’s quite as crazy as some have suggested…

Automatically think of Radiohead and their In Rainbows album - I mean why would a band give away their album for free? But also why would anyone actively choose to give money to a band who were, by that point, already very well off?

And yet they ended up making more money on that album than all of their previous albums combined. And people paid on average $2.26 per album download (which is quite staggering considering how many free downloads they would have had!)

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Yeah I would say it’s only social custom that’s made it normal for specific services. And where one part of the World it is expected elsewhere it could be an insult. I lot of cases its still bulking up that persons wage, which would be better if they were just paid more to start with than hoping people are generous.

I think gratuity in tipping in addition to the payment, and support by fund raising through donations are also separate concerns.

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Whilst I agree in principle, there are definitely some ‘services’ where it is expected, or at least commonplace, and others where it is not.

Do people tip their consultant in A&E? The person who takes their Bodypump class? The person who installs their kitchen?

My point is, I guess, ‘donating’ is wholly cultural but all these people are paid, or pay themselves, already, so why are some more deserving of a top up than others?

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Fair point

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I tip my hat to everyone

Isn’t this called plus?



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