I forget how much I love Monzo

Today I look on my app and see my card is frozen (never happened before) to find out that some American is trying to donate to a Christian charity with my card detail. They got my card expiry wrong and now I just have to easily replace my card. If this was any other bank I would be endlessly shouting down the phone. :hot_coral_heart:


Wow, hearing that is a first for me :rofl:

Is this some kind of robin hood thing? Steal from rich and give to the poor?

They do this to test the cards, usually a £1 or $1 payment. Any site that lets you enter your own payment amount is often used.

Charities are a popular choice. If the small payment goes through, they can then sell on the card details as “live and tested” or use them themselves.


It was an anti gay charity :rage: at least do a good one!


Yeah I know it happens all the time☹️. Still annoying when it happens.

Ahhh that explains it. Thought it was some Robin Hood type of person :sweat_smile:

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More likely money laundering through charities.

Why wouldn’t you just be pressing replace card in any other major banking app? They all support this. Most of them support card freezing too.


Santander doesn’t support it :thinking::man_shrugging:t2: You have to speak to customer services…

Nationwide you have to phone up from my experience and basically takes half an hour to do anything.


Do other major banking apps tell you if you card gets declined due to incorrect card expiry?


We could make a list of those that wouldn’t have been good in this situation.

For example HSBC a) wouldn’t have flagged the transaction to me and b) if somehow the fraudster had got the details right HSBC would’ve made me phone them to cancel the card and go through each transaction.

Not such a good christian…lol

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American Christian so probably thought they were doing what was right.