Monzo Travel Ad Targeting ✈️

So this just popped up above my feed, which I haven’t seen before. I thought it was quite smart, seeing as I am actually going out of the country soon (and I’m guessing it’s maybe because Monzo can see that I’ve recently purchased flights, hotels and Airbnbs)

Only problem is… I already have Premium :see_no_evil: So in that sense, the targeting was off.

Anyone else seen anything like this? I’m largely in favour of these kind of tips based on recent purchases, but only in moderation.


In which case it is just an irritant. They really need to learn to segment and target better.


The intent of this was to help remind our premium users of the travel related premium features so they can make best use of them.

We’re discussing internally as I think there are improvements that can be made to the copy to make this clearer, for example “Make use of your Premium benefits if you are going away”.


Agreed, but I’m sure that’ll come (assuming this is a fairly new thing and not something that’s been around for a while!)

Ah, gotcha! Yes, in that case the copy feels a bit off, as it felt a bit like an advert or nudge to upgrade.


I got an email, a notification, and also this in the app.

Tempting me to use Flex to book a holiday :weary:

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How would I do that? I don’t need to notify someone for insurance purposes do I?


Higher ATM withdrawal limits, discounted airport lounge access!


Application to take time off work from Monzo… Declined :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sweat_smile:


I got this but i didnt book anything myself. My partner whatsapp’d me my boarding pass but I was curious how they knew I was off. Might have been coinciendence or something I hadnt thought of.

Same to both. But I do have 2 major overseas trips coming up in the next month, so it works well for me as a reminder of the benefits I am able to use rather than failed marketing. ‘Failed’ used very loosely there, because I too also already have Premium.

I got the same message and haven’t put any travel type transactions through Monzo.

It must have been sent to all premium users as a standard alert.

Yep no ad here for plus member.

You’re giving Monzo a lot of credit if they were targeting like that!!

I can see why they would be pushing the benefits just so you know about them and don’t forget I suppose.

It’s not unusual; other banks push their benefits/products. So long as you can dismiss them I’m fine with them.

Yeah, I guess it may not be targeted based on actual spending. Clearly there must be some kind of logic behind doing it at this time, though. Perhaps this is the time of year when many people start making their summer travel plans! I’m off to Minneapolis, Chicago and LA soon myself :sunglasses::sunny::princesymbol:

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There’s also the fact that airlines are opening up more now, restrictions are ending and mask wearing is going down etc.

Maybe. I’d say it’s more likely because it’s Spring, and if you have Premium, it’s a reminder not to pay for travel insurance.

Companies need to be wary of using data like though.

One of the supposedly best companies in the world for algorithmic suggestions is Amazon. I received a notification from them today to save on “my favourites.“ Now, it is important to know that I haven’t bought or searched for baby products or pet products, and yet my “favourites” are;

A wearable breast and a pet whistle.

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Ooh a wearable breast plate you say. I’ll see you guys in the Latest Tech thread.

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I like the random notifications from Amazon I get that say things like “We thought you’d like a new laptop”, when

A) I have too many laptops already lol
B) Even if I did want a new one, it’s hardly something that you buy on a whim because you happened to get a random notification from Amazon?



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