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I have to say, I agree with this, been noticing more and more, there are a minor elements on the forums that don’t like to see people posting negative comments.

Tried this yesterday… didn’t like the app. Killed the account this morning, but i’m holding off for N26 :wink:

Yup, again, I agree. There are a 1 or 2 features I like and could/do find useful, but there are also a few that I don’t.

TL:DR - All in all, I agree with what your saying :slight_smile:


Up until a few months ago I would have totally agreed with this statement and was getting a little sick of hearing “We’ve been dealing with the migration to current accounts which has slowed down development” (not very transparent really but did give a brief explanation as to why) but as of recently I couldn’t disagree more.

It might be certain features you are after that are slow to roll out or have not come out recently but they seem to be rolling out a lot of improvements to spending, pay nearby friends, changes to contact list and more. Whilst these may seem small or not useful in your particular case they are definitely releasing features quicker than they were 3/4 months ago

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I’d love a more organised and detailed roadmap. At the moment development seems quite random. I feel like the Spending/Summary tab is the focus at the moment but it’s hard to tell what they are specifically improving. There have been some posts by developers but these get lost.

I guess I’d prefer it if they split the year into quarters and listed projects they wanted to complete and were planning to focus on in each one. Listing features that are dependent on other features working would be great too. The Coin Jar tidy up being dependent on other things is mentioned but I guess only a handful actually know why and specifically what it’s waiting for.

The roadmap at the moment is just bunch of features with vague estimates that seem to jump about.

Basically I wanna see your long term development goals. At least for this year and early next year.

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I think it’d be hard for them to provide more precise timescales than what we see on the roadmap now. As you’ve mentioned, the date’s jump for some features, as they get reprioritised. So the chances are, more ‘precision’ would just mean more disappointment. And there’s not a lot they can do to make sure that features are delivered when they originally anticipated.

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Agreed… but I guess - even if we stick a pin in Apple Pay as an anomaly as there may or may not be an NDA - when there’s features like a dedicated iPad app, joint accounts, rules for Pots which are common requests which are conspicuous by their absence…

…or which stay at ‘within the next 6 months’ for over six months on the road map…

…makes it very difficult to get excited about smaller, incremental product features being rolled out. Especially as (takes the pin out of Apple Pay) it’s taken us two years and a lot of ‘we’d love to but not yet’ to get us to the point where we’re almost at a feature which has been heavily requested for such a long time. :pensive:


I think on Joint Accounts its down as in the next 6 months on the roadmap so it’ll be here this year. Rules for pots are 6-12 months so will probably be this year or early next year. The only one of those I haven’t heard much about is an iPad app but to be honest I don’t see them working on that, especially if they go with the web interface we’ve all been asking for


I don’t really want precise dates or time frames rather: Were currently focusing On Summary improvements. List of improvements and ideas they plan to implement. Simultaneously were working on Joint accounts: List of things were working on and ideas. Also working on 3D secure this month and backend improvements that will allow coin Jar to be tidied.

Features that are not completed from the previous quarter move into the next quarter.

I guess they’re probably still too early in the current account development to do Yhis at the moment but something like this in the future would be great.

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I’m not sure how this is different to the current roadmap to be honest, could you please explain in more detail?

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I think that’s what most of the posts are asking Monzo to do. Simply to add more detail, not just a headline on the story card.

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That’s what the Sneak Peaks are for?

Obviously not every card on the roadmap has one because (to choose some examples) -

  • We know what Targets for Android look like from the iOS blog post
  • The same applies to Travel Reports
  • Mobile NFC payments = NDA

But I doubt that the designs for:

  • Joint Accounts
  • 3D Secure
  • International Money Transfers

have been finalised yet. So watch this space :soon:

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Not really. Sneak peaks only covers a small subset of planned features. Ideally, the Trello board should provide more information than it currently does. As it stands, its pretty pointless.

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Isn’t this what the monthly updates provide? They list specific features/projects being worked on and expected to be launched in the month, and the odd one that turned out to be more work and missed the previous stated deadline.

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I’m sorry, I don’t share your optimism. The roadmap doesn’t seem to accurately reflect timescales.

No matter - my point was that the issue yesterday with Apple Pay and the ensuing radio silence (as per the original post) is symptomatic of why I feel jaded with Monzo as a FinTech.

It’s not unsalvagable, but ‘nearby friends’ and ‘tags for transactions’ when there’s gaping holes in the primary offering aren’t the way - for me, in any case - to do so. :confused:


That’s true but I think they are only meant to be rough estimates rather than specific timeframes.

I agree with you here and i’ve been vocal on other threads how I feel these features are not needed as much as others but as Monzo have come out and said, working on those features does not stop development on things like Joint Accounts etc

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I have Apple Pay now, btw.

Yet, the question still remains, and I’d still appreciate an official answer.

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We can add more detail to the roadmap cards in future. In order to manage expectations, we try to avoid adding specifics which aren’t yet confirmed or set it stone. It would be a bit of a weird experience to see the details of card that you’re following change numerous times or disappear completely without having all the background context!

Overall it seems like there is appetite in the community for more detailed regular updates. We’ve been doing a lot to try bridge this gap of information (the Monthly Updates, sneak peeks, the forthcoming Made @ Monzo email) as it’s super valuable for the product teams here too. Maybe we need to surface them a bit better so people know where to look for what - something we can dedicate some time to in coming months.


Sounds great.

I think there’s been a bit of a disconnect between the Trello and some of the conversations on here that could easily be sorted. For example, I think Monzo folk have spoken about the plan to bring in-app control/revocation of API access by third parties on here, but (I think that) it’s not on the Trello. I suspect there are a fair few of these that the Community / Coral Crew might be able to identify and help tidy up.

On the more detail point, I think that would be great, but sometimes it’s only available later in the development cycle. And I remain mindful that user wants <> user needs and that too much discussion at an early stage might actually be counterproductive (ie it might be better to just show an early prototype of the thing!)

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Thanks @Naji! Currently, it just seems a bit too disjointed, having to cross reference between multiple sources, when you have a trello board that does it all already :grinning:

Perhaps adding links to the relevant story card, to the other sources would help?

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Definitely! Myself and Rich are going to work on syncing this up very soon, and providing links to any info which we can’t cross post. First will be between the Trello, Sneak Peeks on the forum and Sneak Peeks in the app. Then we’ll look at how we bring other information shared by the team into the mix.

That’s a really great idea and something I’ll definitely discuss with them once the community team have done the bulk of the legwork :slightly_smiling_face:

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