I think the Monzo team is slow. Let’s find out why?

I’m not trying to make people mad or anything. I just want to know what takes them so long to add a simple feature to the app. I don’t want excuses from people here, this is directed to someone who works there. It took them six months to get pots. Really I alone could do it faster. So it not the development process.

Does getting it approved take months? Seriously in this day and age you should have a team that is capable of “working in a fast paced environment.” That’s like a job requirement for all software jobs. Hire more people if your team is small. Get your act together. Now you have over half a million accounts.

When I first got Monzo pre-paid card I was so happy with it. I told all my friends. But now I can’t think of a reason to tell anyone to switch to Monzo from their legacy bank. It’s the same now except instant notifications. That is it. And you can get that with Apple Pay, which Monzo does not support. I’m a little frustrated because I wanted Monzo to be better. Now I’ve not used it in two months except for a few times.

Tom you are better than this. I’m getting a new job and I have to decide which bank to use to get my salary in. So tell me one good reason to choose you over RBS?

To whoever changed the title: Noice.


As your name is Siri… I would have thought you’d know how complicated it is to add ANY feature - Even what might seem like a “simple” feature can take months and months to develop.


Have no idea why the Apple team are so slow implementing it

Also so many people have made so many requests about what they’d like to see from pots. Not sure which aspect of pots you’re referring to. There are pots, you can use them.

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My belief is that the running of a duel system of prepaid and current accounts meant they couldn’t make major changes until prepaid was closed and they could move all staff over to supporting the current account.


Just not true: My High Street Bank has lots of features that Monzo doesn’t have!

In reality Monzo is behind most banks (which isn’t too surprising, given that it’s about a few centuries younger than most banks :wink: )


Well legacy banks did not start coding their system centuries ago. That’s not an excuse. And I agree there is loads missing but still they choose to take it slowly. Don’t know why.

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Okay, lets be fair. They have only had 50+ years head start since Barclays installed their first computerised systems in the early 1960’s. :smile:

Tristan liked my post, so thats probably the hint that prepaid is the reason why nothing major has changed. The app has developed though. Usually the things in the background you don’t use everyday like statements etc.

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It didn’t turn out so well for the last company that chose to “move fast and break things”…


So they don’t :rooster: it up by adding too much too quickly? To listen to the feedback after each new feature and adapt the next one in response?

I’ve tried to reply to this several times and each time I end up coming across as a huge sarcastic arse. I don’t want that, but as someone who develops critical systems software for a living, I get this kind of question a lot from my customers and struggle not to react badly, especially when I put so much time and effort into my work to make it work well. :man_shrugging:

Anyway, in simple terms, sometimes these things take time. I’m certain Monzo are working their hardest, and their latest update did show more new features on their way in April. Please don’t give up on them.


Any features in particular you’re thinking of? (Edit - OP edited their post to clarify they’re talking about Apple Pay, something that is probably stuck on Apple’s end)

It’s all relative, right? If you are comparing to Revolut who are shipping like they’re the East India company (moving fast and yet to break anything, but bear with them) - then yeah Monzo are slow. If you’re comparing to Lloyds who had a 250-year head start and you’re not sure which service is better - then Monzo is moving at the speed of light.

In a few months they’ve launched pots, coin jar, bank statements, marketplace beta etc all whilst rolling out current accounts to half a million users. That is pretty impressive if you ask me.


:rofl: Fair enough. Based on the 50+ years timeline I predict Monzo will introduce:

  • Apple Pay in time for my retirement
  • Joint Accounts in time for my funeral
  • SEPA transfers - oh, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves …

I agree some things take time when they need to abide by rules and regulations. But app development is not one of them it’s just the front end. They don’t need to work hard to add custom categories to pots. What are they thinking of for so long? I genuinely want to know. And there is also the android debacle. Why is taking so long to catch up? Clearly they have the technology ready on iOS. So it’s just the app development team which is smoking god knows what.

This is not okay. If switching to a smaller bank means it’s slower and worse every aspect who is going to do it.


Not just Apple Pay. I know that’s probably not their fault. There are loads of other features that we’ve been waiting on. Rules, custom pots, fixed spending report, card details in app, and list goes on for miles. It feels like a proof-of-concept for what Monzo has the potential to be. Something you’d demo to get investors interested.

You need to cut down on the insults. So far you’ve said they developers are not capable of working in a fast paced environment and the android developers are too busy smoking something.
You can make your point without discrediting their professionalism

All that’ll happen is this topic will get locked


These are insults if it’s true. How would you phrase it?

I do not know them all personally or have seen them in a work environment so I can’t and wouldn’t comment


Well I have seen/using the result of their work so I will comment. I will voice my opinion no matter how controversial it is.

Don’t forget Monzo have built nearly everything from scratch, competitors often use existing systems and bolt onto them, which may alow things to be released quicker. But it can limit flexability in the future.


Maybe you could do it faster, but don’t forget that they have been working on many other core developments during that time – it’s not like they literally took 6 months, JUST developing pots…

Here’s a few of the things they’ve had to focus on over the past six months:

• Android parity
• Current accounts
• Current account switching service
• Overdraft functionality
• Android pay (maybe they’ve been working on Apple pay too but we just don’t know it yet. I say maybe, willing to bet my life they have been!)
• Marketplace

Could you do all of that on your own in six months too?

Hopefully now a lot of these big ticket items have been boxed off, pace of development will be more noticeable through new features, as opposed to adding support or integrating ‘current’ features (i.e. things that competitors already have). Monzo’s April update highlights this perfectly, lots coming on stream over April – I’m really looking forward to new spending and targets functionality :clap: