UK Roadmap

Apologies if I have missed any updates, but what is on the short term roadmap in terms of Monzo UK app features?


There isn’t one.

Search and vote for the idea on here if you’d like to see it become a thing again.

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I don’t think we’ll see a return to the road map if I’m honest.

We’re in a different commercial space now where sharing plans allows competitors to start building features and potentially launching them before we can.

It’s all part of the moving from a start up mentality to a mature bank and being profitable.


I’m not so sure I entirely agree with this mentality. Public roadmaps have become a mainstay of modern companies born in the gen Z era to emphasise their differences of the companies of old and demonstrate their commitment to openness and transparency.

Plenty of mature startups still engage with their user base in this way. There’s a risk competitors will steal your ideas, but there’s a new mentality with fresh companies that that can be a good thing and promote healthy competition and better products for us all. It’s why Tesla now open source their patents for instance.



Sure there are some companies which take that approach, but the majority don’t.

Tesla, for example, can take that approach because they’re so far ahead in electric car development it’ll take a lot to catch them up.

The banking sector is in a very different place.


There are lots of teasers sprinkled through the forum, but it’s more fun to let people put them together :wink:


As if by magic, Dark Mode and :monzo: Credit Card suddenly appear…


I guess I need to check the dark corners of the forum more regularly. I remember you used to create summary posts and ask for feedback on things etc - I found those easier to consume


On the face of it, this sounds reasonable - but I don’t think I’m convinced.

Let’s break it down:

This sounds a bit like there’s a preconceived template of what it is to be a mature bank and what it is to be a start-up. But that’s not true - companies that change the world change the rules and have a clear sense of their DNA, rather than seeking to emulate the status quo.

This worries me a lot! It’s not like big infrastructure which takes 20 years where having the lead time is super important. Most software features can be built - or improved on - relatively quickly. So get used to being in a world where competitors can copy.

But Monzo is meant to be nimble and agile. If Monzo announces today that it’s going to develop debit card pay from pots (for example) and can’t deliver that before Revling can, then something has fundamentally broken in the organisation and needs to be fixed.

Secrecy just acts as a poor sticking plaster - and when you see an excellent move by a competitor you won’t be able to keep pace.

For me, the consideration shouldn’t be about competitors: have trust in your delivery and chase the future, not the status quo. I do, though, see an important point in managing expectations. Over the last year or so that’s been a bit poor - so being clear on what expectations should be can only be a good thing (and under promising and over delivering is definitely not a bad thing).


I think the real difference in Monzo l being a start-up now is the level of customer engagement.

This community, while we’re all fond of it, is really a fragment of a previous time. While I’ve argued that I think you can grow and maintain this forum of community and engagement, I don’t think that Monzo agrees.

And thinking about it purely from a balance sheet perspective, why would they? It costs time and money, and sets expectations that they then must hold themselves to.

It’s all very sad, but I’d be very surprised to see a roadmap.

Out of interest, what were you hoping for?


Something to write in his adverts to get referrals by the sounds of it.

Trust me, your competitors already know everything you are working on. Monzo is significantly too large to not have to worry about corporate espionage.


I’ve just had a coffee, and I can say with absolute certainty, by examining the bottom of the cup, that dark mode is coming in app version 4.0.

Disclaimer: that could be 6.0.


Theoretically yes, but my understanding is that part of the reason Revolut can act as nimbly as they can is because they aren’t constrained by the level of regulation that we are.

This is all my musing by the way, I don’t have any secret know how here. It’s more speculation on my part of the limited understanding I have.


A monthly community update blog post would be great. Product focus, internal stuff, that sort of thing


Important point. I was being a bit tongue in cheek about “Revling” (Revolut and Starling), but there’s something about regulation, certainly.

I wonder, though, what the actual difference is. And whether some creative thinking might help here (Monzo Bank ltd and Monzo App ltd, maybe).

But I’m just wondering out loud. No real insight unfortunately. Although I certainly agree on the fundamental point!


On that, Monzo is certainly one of the worst firms that I’ve crowdfunded in terms of shareholder updates. Indeed, I’d go as far as to say there really aren’t any.


not going to happen.

I am pretty sure the only reason they put up with this community at all is because they’re too scared to delete it.


This community is great and one that other companies can only dream of!


I suspect that they quite like the free customer support offered here, too.