Monzo Monthly Update: February

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The first of our monthly updates! What we did in Jan, plus what’s in store for Feb :smiley:

Monzo transparency
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Where is Apple, Fitbit and Garmin Pay? :upside_down_face: :man_cartwheeling:

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(Alex Sherwood) #5

Here -

When will Monzo support Apple Pay?
(Simon B) #7

Lots of exciting things :grinning:

(Benjamin Doherty) #8

Looks good

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(Jolin) #10

Looking forward to the improved standing order features. Sounds great!

(Josh Price) #11

That’s very exciting :tada:! I think once the CASS is here, Monzo will make a lot more sense to be the primary bank for many more people. Switching direct debits manually is super annoying!

(Sandeep) #12

But specifically how long is ‘Near Term’ for such a subjective/vague measure of time?

(Alex Sherwood) #13

According to the roadmap’s label, it’s ‘within 6 months’.

(Sandeep) #14

But from what date?
Because it looks as if it’s been near term since July 2017

(Alex Sherwood) #15

I hope this helps -

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Not just annoying- it’s risky. You only need one merchant to screw up the switch, and you could end up with things going out before payday, or double-charging, etc.

(Chaks) #17

Thanks for addressing the standing order issue :heart_eyes: