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(Jack Stride) #1

Money Saving Expert released a poll today asking how account holders rate their bank account service.
Vote for Monzo with the link below!


In the past 6 months, so… are people going to be honest or forget 4 of those 6 months? :smile:


Ah interesting! I think Monzo missed out on the top spot by a single vote last time.


I suppose people need to be honest and vote according to how they feel. Whether it’s for Monzo as their main bank, or if their primary account is still held elsewhere. :man_shrugging:


The poll is about the service of the bank, nothing to do if its your main bank. And their service has been poor, maybe OK the last 6 months. Everyone knows this, especially people on these forums. If you were lucky you never had any issues that caused you to use their broken support. But this forum does tend to have a bit of a blindness to things like this. :man_shrugging:


That’s not correct:

So, please vote based on CUSTOMER SERVICE for your main CURRENT account over the last SIX MONTHS

Let’s avoid generalisations. You clearly have had poor service. So - if Monzo is your main current account - go ahead and vote “poor”. But I think it’s important not to presume what others’ experiences are. With respect, by saying “everyone knows this” you’re pushing your personal view as fact.


Oh yep, I missed that. Worse results then? But we’re not seeing that so far :smile:

(Nathan Steer) #8

While I acknowledge that Monzo’s service, particularly around customer support, was pretty bad for many.

Their service, for my needs, was generally pretty good. I only contacted support twice in that time and received a response the same day for both cases.

The time to get a response was definitely longer than it should have been, but not bad enough for me to knock a rating down too much.

Again, I acknowledge there were major issues, but if answering a survey like that, I would rate on my personal experience.


I think that’s the key thing here. If you want to vote (and it’s not mandatory!) just do it on the basis of your own experience - good or bad - for whatever bank is your main one.


Looking at the current results, I’d imagine they’ll mirror the real life need for people to contact their bank.

It’s no secret that Monzo wait times have been poor within the last 6 months, but how often do people really need to get in touch with their bank? Very rarely I’d assume.

If you haven’t had to contact them, and simply enjoy using the app, you are likely to vote “Great”.

I’ve probably contacted my bank (Monzo) more than any other bank I’ve ever had. In part because the chat makes it so easy, and there have been more buggy type things that you wouldn’t usually get from a bare bones banking app :grinning:

But the reality is, I probably wouldn’t have bothered contacting a previous bank, and now I don’t even contact Monzo unless it’s mega urgent (I tend to find most things out on here anyway!)


I voted ‘great’.
I’ve had to contact them three times over the past six months via the in-app chat, and had quick response times and resolutions each time.

(Sam Holland) #12

In my view, Monzo’s service as my main current account provider has been excellent.

The fact is that because Monzo makes it so easy to contact them, it does leave them open to potentially, and likely unintentionally, letting customers down. Especially when they’re rapidly expanding which can cause a strain on resources.

It’s important to remember that Monzo is still a young business. As with any startup organisation, they’ll always be teething troubles until they’ve streamlined a few processes and systems, learned from their mistakes and got to a place where the engine that is Monzo begins running smoothly.

I think it speaks volumes looking at the votes so far for Monzo. But, I can only speak for myself and the statistics I see :+1:

(Jack Stride) #13

You can’t argue with the stats. Currently Monzo have the highest ‘GREAT’ score. Although it only has a small pool of responses, it’s still showing that the majority do believe the service Monzo provides is great, and we can only hope this continues.
Response times have dramatically increased and it’s so simple to get in contact with them, what’s not to like!

(Jordan) #14

I think what also helps is that it is within the Chat - longer wait times could mean that your issue is being looked into.

I don’t know how many times with my old legacy bank I was on hold for 10-15 minutes, to go through security, to then be fobbed to 3 different people because they can’t deal with the specific problem you are having.

Whilst on Monzo, you send them a message, it gets picked up and solved whilst you go about your day.

I can’t fault Monzo - long wait times are long wait times and sure it had a blip but that was likely due to the high influx of customers following the Unicorn and Crowdfunding press hype.


You absolutely can :joy:

I know what you are trying to say, but the “stats” also currently show that 33% of Danske Bank customers are overdrawn.

I hate polls like this, because the number of votes are normally so low it’s virtually irrelevant.

All it takes is for a few Monzo employees to massively tip the scales (or any of the smaller banks for that matter).

I have little doubt that Monzo will likely score very high on these types of surveys for many years to come (taking the mantle from First Direct in lots of cases), but the results are always very much taken with a pinch of salt…In my eyes anyway.

(Jack Stride) #16

I knew someone was gonna say that :joy:

(Michael) #17

Results have been announced, and for the first time ever Monzo has taken the top spot!!

(Beta User) #18

I had generally positive outcome from Monzo. There have been days they have been slow but most of the time it’s fast. Even if they can’t solve the problem they will get back to me and will eventually sort the problem. Compared to experiences that I had with legacy banks in the past few years , Monzo is definitely way better . Congrats for winning :heart::sunglasses:

(Sam Holland) #19

Nice one Monzo! I couldn’t agree more, definitely well deserved :sunglasses::+1:

(Jolin) #20

Though listing overseas spending as the main perk of Monzo shows MSE completely misses the point. That is a nice benefit of Monzo, but not the main one by a long shot.