Money Saving Expert - Customer Service Poll

(Jack Donovan) #1

This boils my blood. I’m assuming the only reason Monzo and Starling aren’t on that list is due to user numbers right?

To think that HSBC, Lloyd’s and Halifax are on there, but Monzo isn’t.

Come on UK, sort it out :frowning:

Edit: I’ve posted this in the wrong place


They’re on the list you just need to expand it. Both Starling and Monzo had a similar amount of respondents, though you need to check the full results to see where Monzo and Starling placed.

(Jack Donovan) #3

That’s really sad, had I known about this I would have voted. Theres probably more than 42 regulars on this forum :confused:


Your point about numbers is right though. 42 vs over 900 for First Direct who were the winners.

(Jack Donovan) #5

That’s a good point.

People are obsessed with first direct. Like they are good, they answer the phone as soon as you call. But that’s really all that sets them apart I swear…


I’ve never banked with them so no idea. That £125 to switch is tempting though !


Having banked with First Direct for a number of years, and having tried Monzo and Starling, it comes as no surprise to me that FD comes out top.

I’ve not studied the MSE poll at all.

Each of FD, Monzo and Starling have their pros and cons. Because I know you love spoilers: That’s probably why I have an account with each. Oh, except FD as I had CASS when another Bank bribed me.

(Tony Hoyle) #8

They used to answer immediately, but as they’ve got more popular that’s fallen away and by the time I left (to join Monzo) I was holding on for several minutes. They also used to show you loan accounts on their website but stopped doing that so it was hard to see how much I still owed (I complained, but all they could do was pass my comments on).

Still a decent bank though compared to most… never had a bad experience with them.

(Tony Hoyle) #9

A poll based entirely on numbers will always allow the largest companies to ‘win’. I’m not sure I’d take it too seriously.


I never had to wait several minutes for First Direct to answer. If it rang three or four times, that was a long time. I didn’t really need to ring them often and I recognise your experience is different to mine.


The 5% regular savings account they offer (when you have a CA) might be a reason for people to consider them favourably. I know its certainly tempting me.


The thing that made me dismiss this survey straight away, was right at the bottom:

There were 6,812 votes

Absolutely laughable! I know surveys are never particularly user heavy, but not sure how you can do a nationwide banking survey based on that tiny number.

However… That out of the way, I’m happy with FD being top (who I bank with). As an all around offering, their customer service is top notch.

I would put Monzo ahead of Starling on the basis that the Starling app can cut you off (due to their systems… well documented).

(Dan) #13

Nationwide also offer a 5% on CA up to £2,500 and a savings account on top at 5% with £250 max deposit a month :slight_smile:


Guess it depends if it’s weighted etc.

Polls can be very accurate with 1000 people.


I only really use First Direct now for the Regular Saver but I’ve never had to wait to get through to First Direct and I’ve never had any issues with them solving problems for me quickly when I’ve called. They do have really good customer service.