Monzo top ups showing as Stripe

Surely it depends on whether you remember the top up or not. In my case, I didn’t, as it had occurred three days previously on an account that had a lot of different payments being made around the same time.

I would still encourage anyone who doesn’t recognise a transaction to speak to their bank and err on the side of caution. Fraud is a growing problem and we should all be vigilant.

There’s nothing like lumping a large and diverse group of people together and giving them a single, simple characterisation to make a point! Marta, who is a leader and regular contributor, actually defended people who queried this charge, further up the thread:

There are numerous other examples of ‘regulars’ not agreeing with Monzo or suggesting things could be done better. I think it would be more helpful to respond to specific points raised, rather than trying to dismiss a whole group of people.



Not what I was trying to imply - appologies if that’s how it came across.
My point was simply that if you top up say £50 then £150 and they both appear as Stripe on your transaction history, knowing that Stripe is a payment processor (as you reminded me at the beginning of the thread) wouldn’t the logical step (as the money has appeared in your Monzo Account) be to assume Stripe is Monzo’s payment processor?

Again, not what I was trying to do. You were obviously concerned about transactions on your account and nobody can fault the action you took to secure you account :slight_smile:

Totally agree.
Maybe in some situations it is good to do some digging to find out where, when and how a transaction occurred - maybe it was for a Direct Debit you forgot to cancel, before blocking the whole card.
With Monzo it’s much easier as you can see all the merchant data live, and with live notifications. So, if you see a transaction in Columbia when you’re in the UK you know that’s fraudulent and can probably have it reversed within minutes.

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All of the sniping of this discussion aside, this is as close to a universal truth (in my system of money management at least) as you can get. I simply cannot comprehend the ability of some people to run through life without even checking statements and everything that goes with them let alone raising any concerns.

Of course, I’m commenting far more on my own character here than I am on anyone else’s!

As ever, please feel free to respond to the content of a users post without having a go at the user concerned. The guidelines apply to all sides in any debate and gross generalisations are very unhelpful in fostering sensible discussion.

Thanks for sharing your opinions but, just as you’re at great pains to suggest to other people, please recognise that your opinion is only one among many.


Maybe Monzo should write to every bank and say “Pardon the confusion while we revolutionise your industry. If you wouldn’t mind telling your customer service teams who we are, that would be great. Also if anyone complains about Stripe transactions, it might just be one of our customers moving money over while they wait for CASS to arrive. Once it does, we expect these calls to reduce as your customers start leaving. Thank you for your patience.”

Exactly. I also never said it was wrong to be concerned. But to jump online and get frantic about ‘being hacked’ was just such a massive over-reaction. Be concerned, sure. Double-check that it is, indeed, the expected reporting or at least reasonable.

This. I concur 100%.

Interesting example, but remember that could be jumping to conclusions too. What if you’re at a market, where you don’t really know where the POS is registered. I’ve had in-person transactions as far away as San Francisco to the west and Dusseldorf to the east happen in London. The best bet is to look at the amount and timing and see if that passes a basic sanity check. Location and name may have no relation to what you expect.


Totally. As you say, it all requires basic sanity checks.

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Oh, I totally had a transaction in a food stall in London, that appeared as being made from Germany.

My legacy bank sent me a text message asking Is this purchase made by you? Reply with Y for Yes, N for No and I completely freaked out as I wasn’t sure what’s going on and completely forgot I had made a purchase for the exact same amount just like 5 minutes before that.

I ended up calling the bank and asking and they explained that it could be merchant using 3-rd party payment service such as square. And then I connected the dots.

But it surely got me worried.

Exactly, I’m not saying I don’t understand why there’s some worry and concern, but people need to sit down and try to connect dots before panicking :slight_smile:


You illustrate my point beautifully. Anyone slightly off script and they are criticised.

No problem, I am not offended and will continue to use Monzo to suit me.

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I’d hope no one is offended by anything written here. That’s sort of the point I was trying to make!


Interesting note, I had an email from bulb apologising for their payments showing as stripe

"Just so you know, your payment to Bulb on 18 November might be showing on your bank statement as “Stripe”, rather than the normal “Bulb Energy”. This was a mistake, and we’re very sorry if this has caused any confusion.

Stripe is the FCA regulated company that manages our card payments. There was a hiccup that caused a few of the payments to be named after them, rather than after us. Don’t worry, we successfully received your payment, and everything else looks absolutely fine.

We’ve fixed the issue that caused this, so we shouldn’t see this problem again in future. We’re very sorry for any trouble that this might have caused."


I’ve explained why that type of statement makes no sense & the potential harm it causes -

as for this comment -

the team has acknowledged the issue & the fact that it’s been fixed earlier in this thread -

I could be wrong but criticising Monzo for not doing something that they’ve done seems likely to cause people to disagree with you.

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What I took from this, was that I called the bank (Lloyds) to query the Stripe charge and they could not tell me anything about it and yes part my fault that I did not connect the dots but when I call a bank regarding a transaction I would think they would be able to help me understand the payment. I would say it was them that panicked and they decided to cancel my card and because I had money on my Monzo I just agreed.

They have not done it properly though. No email or in-app alert sent to anyone just to assure people concerned to see this happening

That’s a separate point to the one I was making.

Since we don’t know how many users were impacted, we can’t judge whether or not a notification (which is annoying if irrelevant) is was needed. It looks like it wasn’t. Personally, I wasn’t affected by this issue.


Some of you may have been affected by a bug causing Monzo debit card top ups to appear under the name Stripe on your bank statement.

Most top ups made from the 16th-21st of November have appeared under the name ‘Stripe’ (our third party top ups processor) rather than Monzo.

If you made a Monzo debit card top up during this time, and have noticed a transaction of equal value on your statement with the name ‘Stripe’, this is very likely to be an incorrectly named Monzo top up.

It’s worth mentioning that top up debits can take a couple of working days to appear on your bank statement, so if you’re unsure if this bug has impacted on a recent top up you’ve made, you can compare the date of the credit in your Monzo app to the transaction date on your bank statement. Or message us for some extra clarity :slightly_smiling_face:

The issue has now been resolved and shouldn’t impact any future top ups made after the 21st of November.

Apologies for any confusion caused! If things still look at bit unclear, let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate further for you :blush:


Sorry it took us so long to investigate this! As you fine folks already worked out (above), this was an issue on Stripe’s end, not ours.

We only heard back from Stripe with a list of affected top ups yesterday. We’ve now messaged all affected users to explain the issue: hopefully this will avoid any further confusion :slight_smile:


This was a specific issue that has now been resolved. As a result, should this occur again it should be reported in its own thread as a new incident.