Cashier stamped bank statement

Hi, on Friday I requested a cashier stamped bank statement through the app to use for a financial application. The agent agreed to send this but the statement that arrived had not been stamped. I raised this again through the app but it’s been 24hrs and I haven’t had a response.

Can anyone help?

Unfortunately only or in-app chat can help with issues like this. However I would expect you to receive this tomorrow or Thursday depending on the speed of the postman.

Do they require a stamped statement? You can generate your own within the app and print them off. I haven’t had any issues doing this myself so far.

As Andy said support are rather busy at the moment and I imagine there’s a backlog!

Can I ask for what reason you need the statement stamped? We’ve looked into this recently and not even all VISA applications need it stamped.

We previously printed these in office on lower quality printers so stamped them for authenticity. We now outsource this so the quality is top notch. This means a stamp shouldn’t be required.


Don’t they usually need to be certified, i.e. at least signed if not stamped?

I recently had an application that explicitly said no self-printed statements. How exactly they can tell idk. :man_shrugging:

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Being printed and issued by the bank is meant to be proof enough :thinking:


How exactly they can tell idk

Spoiler alert: they can’t.


These support response times :flushed:

The statement is needed to support a stocks and shares lifetime ISA application.

As I’ve just moved house I have very little in the way of up to date documentation suitable as ID for a financial application.

Printing off a statement yourself is expressly prohibited for fairly obvious reasons I think (same as self printed payslips etc). Unfortunately a trend to paperless billing makes this sort of thing pretty difficult.

Monzo support have been in touch and I should receive the stamped statement by the end of the week.


Glad it’s sorted.

Still no idea why a stamp magically authenticates the previously void statement though. I’d get out some ink and a spud.


Passports and driving licenses are the only documents they will accept copies of. A self printed doc is classed as a copy. A stamp guarantees (with reasonable uncertainty) that the document is the original (and not tampered or altered in any way).

This is all driven by anti-money laundering regulations.

We had a pizza party last night, with cops and non cops doing overtime.

We bought the queue down massively. We are getting much closer to being on top of things for you!

Appreciate everyone’s patience in the mean time :pray:




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