Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Liam Houghton (Ops Fixer)

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I’m a big fan of “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, but it’s also longest run at #1 from a British female artist (7 weeks) so I think it probably fits a best category somewhere too :nerd_face:


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OMG You’ve done it now, you better run :joy_cat:



And that’s how this week’s Q&A ended.:joy:


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Hey @Avishai :wave:

You’re absolutely right - a lot of customers like smaller, general messages which are a bit harder to deduce but we still look into them :blush:

  1. Our squad captains read the customer satisfaction (CSAT) comments for their squads, spot remarks like that and then read the conversation themselves. If it needs further action then we’ll make sure it happens.

  2. Yep, we do. There’s a few different types we’d respond to:

    • Negative Customer satisfaction feedback (when we ask you how we did after a chat)
    • Negative NetPromoter feedback (when we ask how likely you are to recommend us to a friend)
    • When we think you might have a complaint during a chat or phone call with us

    As a bank we need to respond to complaints any way we receive them. Some people might think we don’t need to respond to complaints we receive through surveys, but if we’re actively reaching out to users for feedback and then receive a complaint we need to take action :blush:

    Sometimes if we’re reaching out to those customers they could be a little bit angrier, but on the whole they tend to appreciate us reaching out and trying to understand/resolve it.

  3. We mainly collect feedback through surveys, or user research if it’s a development for the app or our tools. We’ve only just started trying to understand our customer satisfaction, whereas we’ve been looking at NetPromoter feedback for longer. An example I can think of for this would be Apple Pay, this was mentioned in our surveys a lot before we launched and we saw an uptick afterwards :chart_with_upwards_trend:


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Hey @Dannytc :wave:

  1. Ever so slightly! Customer satisfaction is slightly lower for those who say their query is urgent, but it’s pretty marginal thankfully (roughly 2%). We suspect this is owing to the nature of the queries, but we’re doing more work which should help us understand this more next week :blush:

  2. GIFs aren’t supported by the surveys we used once a chat is finished, but COps definitely appreciate them. They can be a pretty good indicator when our squad captains read through conversations for quality assurance as well.

  3. We do! Squad captains definitely call out those moments in development sessions, as well as in our Ops all hands in front of everyone occasionally too.


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Coolest thing, that’s a difficult one! :thinking:

At Monzo, I’m torn between two:

  • seeing how easy it is to sign up for an account if you’re from another country. A number of friends have had issues with this in the past at other banks and I couldn’t believe it the first time that process with Monzo.
  • walking in the Pride parade and people waving their Monzo cards at us, I don’t think any of us anticipated that :monzopride: :hot_coral_heart:

I also abseiled down 5 Canada Square a couple of years ago and standing at the top was one of those moments I think, literally standing on top of a skyscraper looking over Canary Wharf was pretty breathtaking. Then the abseiling was literally breathtaking :joy:


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How do you get to abseil down there? Sounds fun.

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Hey @Jackcrwhitney :wave:

  1. The work we’re doing with The Big List is pretty much aligned with that, so we’re powering through to address them :blush:

  2. There’s definitely been changes implemented from a single piece of customer feedback before, we actually have a slack channel for our product team to review any requests and potential changes to the app. Lots of changes, or planned changes, to the Summary page have been from individual feedback for instance - people budget in very nuanced ways!

  3. I actually really like the way we measure customer satisfaction at the moment (:angry:, :confused:, :neutral_face:, :grinning:, :heart_eyes: as opposed to 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). I think it’s more universally understandable than numbers because it’s emotive, whereas a number can mean different things to different people. (I haven’t read any research on this though, just my gut feeling).

  4. It’s been a pretty busy month, which I quite like! Most of my time has been on customer satisfaction so I’ll detail that one, as well as the other stuff:

    • reading the negative remarks customers leave after a chat and identifying themes from that, then doing hypothesis driven data analysis with additional surveys to gain more insight and set targets (how do people feel about wait time? what should our targets be in relation to this?). Then I’ve done a similar exercise with positive remarks, trying to understand what drives a :heart_eyes: conversation. This part isn’t finished just yet, but should pick up again next week! You might find you receive an additional survey from us if you’ve needed to chat with us in the last week or so :blush:

    • Working on our internal communications process for COps, to see how we can best disseminate product or process updates across the whole team now we’re spread all over the world

    • Hiring a new team to work through some of our back office tasks (e.g. merchant feedback), they started yesterday and we’ve just started training them :brain:

  5. I feel like we’d be pretty good at licensing our own internal tools to other companies. Some of the stuff we build internally blows me away at times.

  6. That’s a great question! I looked through our positive remarks last week and the top theme by a far amount was whether we ultimately resolved their issue or not.

  7. I think we could be a bit better at giving each other feedback, and also assuming positive intent when we’re creating new processes/being honest with how we’re feeling in those discussions. Helps us move quicker/smoother in general I think :blush:

  8. From the new office it’s been Wasabi so far, but I really do need to get back on the Huel train! (there’s a lot of people on Huel here)

  9. I think this one’s really linked to #6, although I’m doing more work on this next week to really understand what drives people to give us a :heart_eyes: and we’ll definitely optimise for that once we have the results.

  10. Next I’m doing more work on how we scale BizOps, the tool we use for tasks like Merchant Feedback, Identity Verification, etc. This involves everything from training, to our quality assurance on those tasks to how we operate as a team, definitely excited by that one!


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Definitely! I did slip and smack into a window though, still loved it!

I did an internship at Credit Suisse in Canary Wharf a couple of years ago during my degree, they had a few spare places so I convinced a few friends to do it with me as well :joy:


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I worked at Credit Suisse as well in Cabot Square.

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Sure @HughWells!

From reading through the analysis into positive remarks so far, customers certainly talk more about their issue being resolved more than wait time. Analysis into the reasons behind a :heart_eyes: isn’t done just yet though, so I can’t confirm. We can have a 1:1 about that one afterwards :wink:

We’ve tested the effect wait time has on customer satisfaction recently though, which showed us customers can perceive our response times to be slow but it doesn’t appear to affect their overall customer satisfaction score.

That makes me think most customers care about whether we resolve their issue over their wait time. And of course we have the ability to set whether your conversation is urgent, which I think is a really important factor here :blush:

It’s also worth noting we’re working with the data team on the surveys we’re doing next week, to make sure we don’t bias the results with any suspicions I just stated :see_no_evil:


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Ah awesome! Was that during June 2015 - August 2016 by any chance? If so we’d have been there together!


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Nah this was like 2004 :joy_cat:

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Ah yes, maybe not then :joy:


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Thanks for the answers Liam, very interesting :slight_smile:



Me too! I was at One Cabot and briefly Five Canada

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I was only at One Cabot, I liked the floor full of food :pig:



Yes - it’s a superb office, apparently designed by the same guy as the Louvre. The 7th floor is beautiful (although apparently being re-done). I left in 2006, but a bunch of us still meet for lunch every month!


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No problem! Loving being able to share some insight to be honest :blush:


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