Monzo Staff Weekly Q&A - Emma Northcott (Customer Ops Scaling Team)

How many staff are there in Cops? Do you add them per x number of new/active accounts? What growth are you predicting in the next year? How do you choose locations? Do you have a policy of always having some onshore during the business hours of each market?

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Whats the weirdest thing someone has said/done in a job interview for Monzo?

Also when are we getting Apple Pay? :upside_down_face:

Is there an internal knowledge base available to COPs? If not, how do you document information/procedures for training, answering queries, etc…


Are you involved with the expansion to the US at all, and if so would you push for opening the US headquarters in Portland :sunglasses:


So, when is the Customer Ops team coming to Vegas? :wink:

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How hard has it been to scale up whilst still keeping the personal touch? Has it been relatively easy (by selecting the right people in the first place) or something that takes a lot of conscious effort? Is there a QA piece which is constantly going on to ensure a standard?

As @simonb just wrote elsewhere, the customer service is one of the huge selling points for Monzo. I can imagine it being a big effort to remain consistently good, but who knows… maybe it’s just a natural product of the staff composition. Interested to find out. :slight_smile:

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Hey @joshpriceonline! :wave:

Great questions :slight_smile:

  • Things do change very quickly at Monzo and it is a challenge to stay on top of everything. We keep COps updated on changes and new features a couple different ways. We have an interface channel in Slack where teams can post about changes they are making that will impact COps. Our squad captains monitor this channel and, depending on the urgency, will either share will all COps in our #cops-announcements channel that all COps have notifications set for or share in their individual squad channels. This information will also be added to a daily doc with all updates that COps need to know about. Tech teams are very good at giving demos in our weekly company all-hands and creating videos that the COps team can reference. :video_camera:

  • We’ve used Intercom as our in-app chat since day 1 :right_anger_bubble: It has a lot of great tools and has served us well so far. That being said, if you want the perfect product that is tailored to your needs building in-house is always the best option. This isn’t a short term priority right now as we have our engineers working on projects to improve the customer’s experience and reduce the inbound demand on customer support.

  • I’m pretty excited to get CASS (current account switching service) in the app. It may not be the sexiest of features, but I think it will make the new customer experience that little bit easier :tada:


I’ve been in 3 offices since I started at Monzo so there are so many lovely memories from all of them!

My first week was the first week that we started mailing out cards, rather than having the in-office card events. Every day around 3pm a troop would gather around the kitchen table to pack cards and label them ready to send out to our Alpha testers :mailbox: It was fun to get to catch up with everyone in the team and hear what they’d been up to that day.


Portland has amazing :pizza: and :beer:!

Fun fact: one of it’s nicknames is Beervana due to the 100+ breweries in and around the city. :mountain:

If you ever have a chance to visit I recommend going when the Portland Blues Festival or International Beer Festival are on (luckily they’re usually only a couple weeks apart). If you’re looking for some good pizza in town Escape from New York on NW 23rd is a personal favourite of mine!


My day-to-day job is very different from when I first started @jzw95!

During my first 8-9 months the majority of my time was spent chatting with customers and helping them with any issues they had. Now my day to day is a lot more project based and I’m only of the frontline chatting to customers a couple days a month. Recently I worked on a project designing a clear progression and pay framework for our COps team so that everyone can see the development opportunities within the team :smile:


@brenda There are too many good ones!

I think getting the banking license was a really exciting and emotional time. So many people in the team had been working so hard for a long time that the office erupted in cheers, tears and all sorts of excitement when we received the news :bank:


Great questions @WillP79!

How many staff are there in Cops?

The team currently has about 180 members. This is a mix of full and part time workers.

Do you add them per x number of new/active accounts?

In our Operations Scaling team we have analysts that work on the forecast of COps needed taking into considerations the predicted user growth and the tech projects that will reduce the inbound demand.

What growth are you predicting in the next year?

Ideally we wouldn’t like to grow too much and find tech solutions that reduce the inbound demand and empower our COps to be able to answer more queries.

How do you choose locations?
There are a combination of factors that play into where we pick our offices. One of the big things we focus on is finding areas that are known for their customer support industry. This means that there is a customer focused culture in the city and a great pool of potential Monzonauts!

Do you have a policy of always having some onshore during the business hours of each market?
We don’t currently have a policy around this as all our current customer support offices are based in the UK. There are big benefits to looking abroad for out of hours support and we’ve taken this into consideration when planning growth within the team.


Thanks Emma! In my second question, I meant user numbers rather than team numbers… :wink:

Hey @anon72173902 :wave:

I’ve interviewed +100 potential Monzo employees over my almost two years at the company. To be honest I haven’t had many strange ones!

A few really fond memories:

  • Interviewing @Fred was a delight! He was such a ray of sunshine in the room and I came out with the biggest smile on my face :sun_with_face:
  • The first person I ever interviewed was @Yehudi. I remember asking him how he found out about Monzo and he said he saw an Instagram ad instantly wanted to join us.
  • I also remember interviewing @venkat and feeling like I learned so much about lending in the 1hr we had together.

I’d also say I’ve learn so much about how to interview during my time at Monzo. I think @jonas is the absolute interview master.


Hey @HalcyonHush!

We do have an internal knowledge base. We use Confluence for this. My colleague @Ajstone is currently working on revamping the format and content of this information so it is easier for COps to search and digest the information we have on there :open_book:


Hey @leo.b! :wave:

I’m not too closely involved in any expansion plans to the US, but I’ll obviously be singing Portland’s praises if the time comes to open an office out there! :wink:


Hey @BenVegas!

We’re still in discussions about getting some help with overnight support in other timezones :clock1:

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Amazing questions all, and thanks @Emma_mondo for joining us today and taking the time to answer them all :slight_smile:

We will be back next week with another Staff Q&A! :grinning:

Awww! :heart: I had no idea that’s the impression I gave you in my interview. I remember being so impressed by everyone at Monzo. I can’t believe how many interviews you’ve done!


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