Anatomy of a Production Kubernetes Outage - presentation 📺

@oliver gave the keynote talk at KubeCon this year & here it is :clapper:

This talk will dive into a production Kubernetes outage that Monzo experienced a few months ago, its causes and effects, and the architectural and operational lessons learned.

The slides from the talk are here -

& the post mortem that he mentioned in the talk is here -


Wait, I’ve been pronouncing Kubernetes wrong since I first read it here? It really looks like it should be pronounced cube-er-neats…

Awesome, should be a good video. Looking forward to watching it later!

I like to think of it as an object with many names (or pointers if you will :stuck_out_tongue:)

Those I have personally experienced so far (Name => pronunciation)

  • Kubernetes => koo-ber-nee-teez
  • Kubernetes => koo-ber-net-eez
  • Kube => koo-buh
  • Kube => que-buh (like cube)
  • K8s => kay-ate-ess
  • K8s => kay-eights
  • that K container thing - the Google one

Might of missed a few

Thanks for sharing

Interesting watch, and some food for thought for my team at work (in terms of exposing more monitoring data and introducing more regular chaos engineering)

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