Monzo Socials: Sheffield! (24th May)

We’re coming to Sheffield for our biggest Monzo Social yet! More details to come, but if you can get there… I would highly recommend RSVP’ing!


Ah damn! I’m away in Portugal :portugal: that week! Was looking forward to a social coming to Sheffield too!

Oh well!

We’ve got 76 RSVP’s so far, anyone here planning on coming?

P.S - 995 total subscribers on the Monzo Meetup page, if anyone fancies helping us get to 1000 that’d be nice :grinning:


Have you got the venue details?

Still showing as TBD on the MeetUp link.

Just confirmed it - we’ll be at Be At One cocktail bar :grinning:

I wonder if they do decent beer. A beer city, after all… :joy: