Monzo Socials : Brighton (31st January) 🏖

Hey all!

Just wanted to drop a quick reminder that this month’s Monzo Social is happening on the 31st in the lovely seaside town of Brighton :grinning:

We’re pretty close to picking a venue and will keep this thread updated when we do. As it stands, there’s 5 spaces left!

Monzo Socials are a great way of meeting your fellow Monzo users as well as staff members, hanging out and talking all things Monzo, Fintech and more :money_mouth_face: Drinks are on us and a good time will surely be had by all :beer:

When you get a moment, please sign up to the general Monzo Socials meetup page - that way, you’ll get notified for future events that could be in your city! :raised_hands:


Brighton was epic, thanks to everyone that came out! Photos to come :grinning: