Monzo Socials : Bristol - 15th November

We’ve just locked in the date for the next Monzo Social and it’s in Bristol!

We’ll be announcing the venue closer to the time, but it’ll be centrally located and awesome. So come along, get some free drinks and Monzo swag, and hang out with me and your fellow awesome Monzo users.

As you can see, we had a damn good time in both Manchester and Birmingham so far! So hit the link at the top, and come along!



Really enjoyed the social in Birmingham! Recommend anyone to go to a Monzo social if you can.
As you can probably tell from my appearance, it was a good laugh too (I’m the one crossing my arms on the table!)
Thanks :slight_smile:


It was great fun!! :grin: (Far right, blurry face :joy:)

Was really awesome meeting everybody, @jtaylor69, @simonb & @KimL to name but a few! :smile: Had a great chat with like minded people, I’d highly recommend going to the next Monzo Social near you :slight_smile:

Beats the pub down the road with colleagues :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Have fun! Long drive from Essex to make it so I won’t make it. :sob:


Getting pretty close to deciding on a venue, hoping to see a bunch of you there!

Venue confirmed!

We’ll be at Buttermilk & Maple (near Brewdog and the Welsh Back terminal) on Thursday, see you there!

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