Monzo Socials : Oxford (April 25th)

(Simon B) #1

Hey all! We had an absolutely cracking Monzo Social in Leeds last month, big thanks to everyone that attended - It was quite possibly the best one yet.

Next up we’ve got Oxford happening on April 25th from 7pm-9pm. So, if anyone is there or near, make sure you RSVP now so you don’t miss it. As usual, drinks (and stickers!) are on us at a centrally located venue, and you can come hang out with Monzo staff members and your fellow Monzo community peeps!


(Simon B) #2

This one will be hosted by @akash and @jackcully!


(Andy Roberts) #3

I’ve signed up, but I’m probably only around 50% likely to be able to attend and there’s no ‘tentative’ option on MeetUp. If it gets near the maximum capacity, I’ll bow out.