Monzo Social : 11th October, Birmingham

Hey all, we’re having a Monzo Social in Birmingham on the 11th October at the Cosy Club on Bennett’s Hill. Come along, get free drinks and food on us, and hang out with some Monzo staff and your fellow Monzo users :grinning:

Would love to see some forum folks there :grinning:

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I’m based in Telford so this isn’t too far.
I wonder if I can convince @Mortalife to come too?


I’ll come. :slight_smile:


Awesome! Please register your attendance with the link at the top @jtaylor69 @Mortalife so we can keep track!

Dude, I’m at the Nottingham beer festival that day :slightly_frowning_face:

Really looking forward to this event and seeing some of you there!


I’m interested in coming as I’m based in Telford too. Not that it’s relevant to me but I have a friend who is a programmer and I know Monzo are on a big hiring spree. Would it be possible for him to come along to discuss working at Monzo. Not as a job interview but the culture etc.

Does Monzo have a Birmingham base?


Monzo are based in London & Cardiff :grin::grin:

With an office in Vegas too iirc.

There’s also remote positions available :blush: but you would still need to come into the office from time to time :ok_hand:

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Sure thing, just register at the top link and get your friend to register too. We can definitely talk about hiring a little bit with him.

Looking forward to the meetup! :tada::grin: I hope Cosy Club accepts Monzo cards :smirk::joy: Hehe

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Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Great evening with fantastic company! :beers::beers::hot_coral_heart:

Really awesome to chat to everybody, cosy club was brilliant :grin: the music was loud but they had good tunes so I couldn’t complain :wink::yum:

Highly recommend checking out a Monzo social whenever you can :clap:

I didn’t take as many photos as @simonb but here’s a table full of stickers for y’all :joy:



Sorry I didn’t get there. Glad it was a success.

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Hope ya’ll has a good time! :slight_smile:

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