Monzo Socials - Where Next?

Hey all! :wave:

Earlier in the year we introduced the concept of Monzo Socials.

We even have our own Meetup page for it!

Our next one is next week, in Birmingham!

We’re starting to think about the next couple of events (likely 1 in November and then in December) and we wanted to get some thoughts and feedback about where we should have it!

So… let us know where you think we should have the next one, and why, and if you know an awesome venue, even better!


How about in the foyer of Barclays HQ?


Fixed it for you


Glasgow please!


How about one of the Pergolas in London? The new Olympia one is pretty cool. Would be good to be in a venue much bigger than the social, so that all the other customers get curious…they also have a Patty & Bun in the corner. Oh yes. The Prince in West Brompton is also awesome - done by the same guys. They’ve bought a corner pub and the five shops next door, and connected them all to an enormous covered beer garden. One shop is for coffee, and the other four are rotating food popups. Very cool idea…and again, a huge capacity.

Scotland! :black_flag:󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


Another one for Scotland please, ideally Glasgow or Edinburgh (and of course don’t forget about wales, NI etc)


One in South Wales would be nice! I’d definitely come!


How about Oxford (where I come from) - I happen to know we have a university where you’ve been advertising and have a fair few students who are fully signed up Monzo members :wink:

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London again please! And hoprfully this time I won’t have to pull out two days before when I realise I can’t afford the train fare :frowning:


So Aldershot it is, then :grinning::rofl:

South Wales for sure, there’s some good places in Cardiff for meet-ups.
I’ve specifically heard Tiny Rebel Cardiff is popular, they have separate rooms that can be booked out if required.
It would be good as the :mondo: team from the Welsh office can join in too!

I imagine Bristol would also be decent.


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