Monzo Siri integration featured in Apple newsroom article

I guess this counts as a sneak peak, congratulations on getting featured by Apple like this! I am amused that it’s $10 USD being sent though.


I saw this yesterday as well - really pleased you’re in from the get go on this… if we’re already on the ios10 Beta + testflight build will we get to try it out soon and help test?

Yes congratulations Monzo!

I was kind of amused by their 1 line summary of Monzo though "Monzo, which aims to build a bank of the future for people who hate banks, "

I get it, however surely there is a better 1 line summary of Monzo than one based on hate :laughing:


Given that SiriKit was only announced at WWDC in June this is amazing work from @james and crew!

Not me, this one is all the work of the hyper-talented @jgarnham :apple:

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Pretty excited about this. Especially now that I know a few people with a card.

Will be looking out for a Monzo mention at the Apple event on Monday. Maybe a personal appearance on stage from @tom to demo too? :slight_smile:

Great work though, nice to see Monzo on Apple’s site.

:slight_smile: Will be looking out for this too!

Keynote is actually on Wednesday, 7th September 2016. Countdown and link here:

I’m arranging a BBQ afterwards for anyone who would like to set fire to their existing corded headphones :fire:


Lads; this is photoshopped? :laughing: Look closely you can see the kerning etc of Monzo is off. Good work but you continue to tease me with this name!

Shhhhh, almost everything Apple PR puts out is either photoshopped, a screenshot from a simulator profile that works in print resolutions or a device with internal settings. :wink:

Besides, a real Siri query would have blue lines under nearly every word! :joy:

Sorry, BBQ is off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Will be good if it integrates with Cortana too as have that on my Android

Does Android allow you to install an alternative voice assistant such as Cortana then? That’s pretty sweet. I like my iPhone but I do wish you could swap Siri out for Google or Cortana. Even just to try them out.

It’s certainly possible, there are a few minor limitations but nothing a custom ROM or root can’t solve. I seem to remember Cyanogen was planning on shipping Cortana with full voice activation some time ago.

Yes it does. However Cortana is not yet available for all models yet

That’s pretty cool. Might have to look at Jailbreaking again for this sort of thing.

Something @hugo just posted on Twitter. Looking much better now!

Yeah, now it’s @jgarnham time to shine :slight_smile:

Early days yet but it would be great to see a basic Alexa skill when the Echos arrive in the U.K. in late Oct.

Cortana ia available on the iPhone, not used it though

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