Monzo Siri integration featured in Apple newsroom article

(Rika Raybould) #1

I guess this counts as a sneak peak, congratulations on getting featured by Apple like this! I am amused that it’s $10 USD being sent though.

Send Money iMessage App
Iphone App
(Nick Petrie) #2

I saw this yesterday as well - really pleased you’re in from the get go on this… if we’re already on the ios10 Beta + testflight build will we get to try it out soon and help test?

(james_e_bell) #3

Yes congratulations Monzo!

I was kind of amused by their 1 line summary of Monzo though "Monzo, which aims to build a bank of the future for people who hate banks, "

I get it, however surely there is a better 1 line summary of Monzo than one based on hate :laughing:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #4

Love this idea. Only feedback (@hugo) is that you might want to present the full name of the individual you’re sending the money to in Siri’s response to a user’s request, just to ensure that it is going to the Andy that you’re expecting it to go to.

(Saveen) #5

Given that SiriKit was only announced at WWDC in June this is amazing work from @james and crew!

(James Nicholson) #6

Not me, this one is all the work of the hyper-talented @jgarnham :apple:

( #7

Pretty excited about this. Especially now that I know a few people with a card.

(Jon Crozier) #8

Will be looking out for a Monzo mention at the Apple event on Monday. Maybe a personal appearance on stage from @tom to demo too? :slight_smile:

Great work though, nice to see Monzo on Apple’s site.

(Saveen) #9

:slight_smile: Will be looking out for this too!

Keynote is actually on Wednesday, 7th September 2016. Countdown and link here:

I’m arranging a BBQ afterwards for anyone who would like to set fire to their existing corded headphones :fire:

Apple Special Event - September 7, 2016
(nick.haley) #10

Lads; this is photoshopped? :laughing: Look closely you can see the kerning etc of Monzo is off. Good work but you continue to tease me with this name!

(Rika Raybould) #11

Shhhhh, almost everything Apple PR puts out is either photoshopped, a screenshot from a simulator profile that works in print resolutions or a device with internal settings. :wink:

Besides, a real Siri query would have blue lines under nearly every word! :joy:

(Saveen) #12

Sorry, BBQ is off :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Will be good if it integrates with Cortana too as have that on my Android

( #14

Does Android allow you to install an alternative voice assistant such as Cortana then? That’s pretty sweet. I like my iPhone but I do wish you could swap Siri out for Google or Cortana. Even just to try them out.

(Rika Raybould) #15

It’s certainly possible, there are a few minor limitations but nothing a custom ROM or root can’t solve. I seem to remember Cyanogen was planning on shipping Cortana with full voice activation some time ago.


Yes it does. However Cortana is not yet available for all models yet

( #17

That’s pretty cool. Might have to look at Jailbreaking again for this sort of thing.

(Rika Raybould) #18

Something @hugo just posted on Twitter. Looking much better now!

(Hugo Cornejo) #19

Yeah, now it’s @jgarnham time to shine :slight_smile:

(Mike Laurie) #20

Early days yet but it would be great to see a basic Alexa skill when the Echos arrive in the U.K. in late Oct.