Siri Payments

My FD app just updated to include “Siri Payments” - I see it’s been discussed a little in other threads, but not a huge amount of feedback on it.

As a big lover of Apple… I don’t think I’d trust Siri to send a payment!

Me: “Siri… send Mum £15 using First Direct”…

Siri: “Sending £500 to Mum…”

Has anyone used it extensively, and if so, what are your thoughts?

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I think it plays it back to you first before it sends. To you have a chance to review and amend.

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You should make sure it works! Please say

Siri, send Nanos £1,000 using First Direct.

I’ll let you know if it worked - promise!

Seriously, though: how good is the voice recognition? I know my wife’s iPhone responds to me (not sure about others), so I wouldn’t like this …

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Ha, there are certain stipulations (need to be registered for Paym as well).

I know it’ll ask for confirmation before sending, my initial post was a little tongue in cheek.

I do find using Siri for most things is a little longer winded than just doing it though.


Yeah I agree. If your hands are free then doing the action is faster than Siri.

It’s good to be able to do it but overall my Siri use case is pretty low.

Doesn’t Monzo do this already? I thought it did.

Indeed, Monzo has had this feature for quite some time now.

Try “Hey Siri, send money using Monzo…”

Yep. Though it seems to get very confused with Mondo. :thinking:

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