[iOS] Fix Siri integration

Can no longer send money or check balance etc. to friends using Siri.
This used to work on iOS 10 but it is now no longer working.

This would be cool. Since the integration of Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12 Tesco Bank now allow balance checks using Siri.

I asked Monzo about this in a chat recently and they confirmed they have REMOVED this functionality! :exploding_head:

Just as other banks are catching and implementing features like this, Monzo decide to remove them…

Every time Monzo have had any sort of regression they’ve always been clear and had justified reasons. But this time they gave no notice and as far as I can tell there is no good reason, poof feature gone :cry:

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I think Monzo removed the functionality because it broke and they haven’t had time to fix the bug yet.

Siri integration is a nice feature to have but definitely not a priority.

They were among the first to implement it, and I don’t think it’s changed drastically so should be easy enough to fix.

And their official stance to me was that they removed it, if they’d have said “Apple changed the API and we haven’t got around to fixing it yet” I’d be fine with that. At least then they wouldn’t be randomly taking functionality away.

Oh man! What a way to find out that this was ever a thing! Finding out AFTER it’s taken away :frowning:


I wondered why this didn’t work this other day…How can we get this fixed?! This information should have been in the app updates…

To be honest, Monzo’s implementation Siri it was useless without Paym integration. If Paym support can hurry up and be shipped, being able to make both Monzo to Monzo payments & bank transfers with Siri would be amazing!

First Direct & Barclays are ahead of Monzo at the moment on this… :frowning: Don’t forget Apple showed off/ launched this feature with Monzo being advertised.


I used it ages ago back when it worked, then went to use it again a few months back and I couldn’t for the life of me get it to work again.

I got somewhat embarrassed when I was trying to show off this feature to my newly referred friend.

I tried so many times and I thought I was saying the wrong phrase so tried multiple different variations without any luck and just gave up.

Would have been good to know that support for this had been dropped, even if it is just temporarily.