Siri integration out now!


Well, I just tried to send my wife £1,000,000,000 with Siri but if failed. Shame, that would have been a lovely bug.

I would really like to see “Siri, whats my balance”, “Siri freeze my card”, “Siri how much have I spent at McDonalds this month”

That would be really nice :slight_smile: Although I don’t know if Apple’s API allow it! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to try Travel Reports next month, going away to a number of different places, it would be interesting to see how accepted Monzo is, I’m also wondering how well Monzo will work on a cruise ship, as its all in USD so would save me a lot of money, however I don’t know if the cruise ships transactions are classed as offline transactions.


Sadly not, there are only a very limited number of intents supported by SiriKit right now.

There are some ways to hack around INSpeakableString and INVocabulary but it’s really clunky and a bad user experience. The best way to achieve what you described starts with the Monzo team filing enhancement Radars against Siri/SiriKit.

Any reason why you guys removed the ‘By merchant’ tab in spending? I know you can see via the search function, but it’s not quite the same as you can’t easily compare your monthly spend at each merchant like you used to. It would have been nice if this was mentioned in the update description.

(I know this isn’t that relevant to this topic, but it’s the closest thing i could find relating to the latest update)



In a similar vein on recent changes, can there be an option to hide the pence that now show alongside the pounds spent on the Spending tab view? I found the previous view where expenses were shown to the nearest £ to be neater.

Also removed was the average spending next to the monthly spent. Was there any reason for this? Has it been replaced by something equivalent?

Here’s Hugo’s explanation for this

My guess is that the changes @WillB’s pointed out have been made for the same reason.

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Hi all. As @alexs mentioned, as part of our product development we measure what features are less used and we consider removing them or replacing them with better stuff.

This case is a bit particular because we’ve removed some elements before bringing the alternative. That’s a problem and we apologise for it, from now on we’ll do our best to not just “remove” stuff but to try to explain why it’s going to replace it or why we’re taking it away :slight_smile:

As always, please be sure that if something is not good we’ll revert it and work a bit harder to make it right


Awesome, thats pretty much what I was expecting, just was surprised not to see it explained in the update notes. Sounds good! Any ETA on when the Targets feature is coming?

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Even better than :soon:

I am trying to use Siri and the response I get is…

“I wish I could but Monzo hasn’t set that up with me yet”

Any ideas? :confounded:I have Monzo turned on in Siri app support settings.

Can you try sending a payment to someone manually first? That ensures your Touch ID fingerprint is set up and we have access to your contacts :slight_smile:

I cant get my siri working either - have just sent a contact money with touch ID - no problem , then tried siri transfer and got my this is what siri found message

edit - just tried again and it takes me straight back into the monzo app and requests touch ID to open on the home screen, now tried again and doesnt take me to the app but comes up with the previous image

Iphone 5S
IOS 10 and latest update 1.7.0 #268

edit 2 - I was running IOS 10 but having just connected my iPhone to my Macbook my phone said it needed to update , which I did and now Siri is working perfectly - previously I didn’t have an option to link siri to Monzo app but this has now been enabled with the new update IOS 10.0.2

When I send a payment manually it doesn’t ask for Touch ID. It asks for card payment pin

45 days later…

Always great to see :monzo: leading the way! :slight_smile:


And Cortana integration for Android?

What could possibly be easier than contactless? We find out in episode 2 of our video series The Money Maker.

In a new episode of our series The Money Maker, Ben Goldsmith visits Monzo Bank and discovers that Siri can be useful for something after all.

I’ve never been able to get this to work. It gets stuck in a loop of ‘who are you sending money to?’. Does the same with Barclays as well

Years later and I’m getting this error message. Have tried sending manually as well. Am I doing something wrong?image

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