Monzo Shop 'Under review'

Just tried to visit the Monzo shop, but received statement which said ‘Under Review’ ?
Is it just updating stock etc?
If so odd time to be doing so.

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I didn’t know Monzo had a shop :astonished:

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I literally just did the same :eyes:

Yep should be on Teemill (

Ahh, that allowed me to search and find a forum post about it. It’s going back a few years:

The associated blog post 404s, though.

Might be being quietly shut down? Monzo has changed a lot since 2016.

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It was shut down a couple of months back. I believe Richard was accountable for it and he made this decision before he went on furlough. It sounded like there wasn’t much activity on it.


Advertising it/reminding people that it existed might have helped with that!

Still, for a bank, it was always going to be a side project.


It used to be a link on the website before it was redesigned around the launch of the campaign if I remember correctly :thinking:

I can’t find it anywhere now or recall anyone mentioning it anywhere else.

Can I buy dark mode for my app then :thinking:🤷


This is news to me. I thought it was Graham?

This is a shame, I didn’t know there was a shop, i’d love a Monzo Hoodie

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I didn’t know there was one either :sweat:

Got my rocket ship T-shirt from there in time for Investival last year. It was a really great service from Teemill - quickly delivered and well packaged - but it will likely be a one time purchase in most cases and, as said above, if it was a bit quiet it probably makes sense to not spend any time on it. Sad times though

(I’ve removed my post here)


Aren’t you breaching government furlough conditions by being present on the forum?

If you’re replying here Monzo should be paying you, not the tax payer.

On furlough you get all your moderator permissions revoked, wow :open_mouth:

And so they should… the taxpayer is having to pay their income and not their actual employer. Carrying out work duties as @cookywook just did is a clear breach of that. It’s unreasonable for Monzo to be getting free work out of it’s employees at the expense of the taxpayer.

Replying to a comment is not a work duty. If he hadn’t replied, would that be considered work not being done?

I was more on the side of when you’re on furlough, everything is on hold. My desk and everything is still at work they haven’t got rid of that :man_shrugging:

I don’t really think its working. They dont get paid for using the forum. @simonb doesn’t even work for Monzo anymore and is still here answering questions.