Website - Dead link

FYI an old link goes to an under review page on a third party website. Probably best to remove the link.


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Which page did you find the link on?

FYI Monzo used to sell merchandise on there.



Oooo! They used Rapanui’s Teemill platform! Nice one Monzo! Good ethical choice.

Will the shop ever be coming back?

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Since it’s launch the amount of stuff on there was becoming less and less.

Then this:

My theories on why there wasn’t much activity:

  1. They never really promoted it
  2. Very few people knew it existed as a result
  3. The range was constantly being cutback
  4. They redesigned the website and removed the link from the menu
  5. Seems like it was just a bit of a “side project” for someone and other things kept taking priority.
  1. There was no plushie.
  1. Monzo got too big.

Big enough that the shop wasn’t needed to raise brand awareness any more.

  1. Monzo got too big.

Big enough that if they were going to carry on with a shop, they’d have to do it as a properly integrated part of the business rather than an employee’s side-project, and clearly decided that the work/return balance wasn’t there.

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I did at least manage to get my t-shirt off there before it wound down

The service was really good, a place on the Isle of Wight iirc, but maybe befitting a fancy local shop than a now mahoosive bank

I would definitely have bought a Hot Chip pulshie!

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Just an old bookmark I had.