The Monzo Shop

Asking out of curiosity really, have any users bought anything from the Monzo shop as of late, on offer are:

• Hoodies
• T-Shirts

With all proceeds going to two charities, Turn2Us and Stonewall (for the Pride merchandise).

If any people who work for Monzo are reading this, I would like to kindly put forward a suggestion of cups with Hot Chip on. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’ve bought a pair of t shirts. They’re great.

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Good quality I am guessing as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

@a4ron If Monzo allow it, Mugs can be bought for about £6 from places like Vistaprint, but if a lot of people want them then I’m sure they could be sourced at a cheaper price and a cut could then go to the charities too. Very easy to aquire though but I’m not sure if they are just for staff etc ?

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I think cups might be for Monzo staff as this video shows from Jake Wright, Backend Engineer at Monzo:

(2 minutes in)

Wow, those T-Shirts and Sweatshirts are very expensive. £19 for a printed Tee, wow :frowning:

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Maybe they are just for staff, but it might be worth asking someone though

If you’re part of the Coral Crew you get one. Its one of the most used mugs in my house.

The T-shirt quality is great, very comfy!

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P.S. I volunteer to model the merchandise :wink::joy:


I bought the “rocket” T-shirt last week as it seems appropriate attire for Investival

It was sent really quickly and the packaging was excellently minimal and recyclable

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I know! They hand them out like candy at hackathons and career events too, so I have plenty of their t-shirts. :smiley: