Monzo SEO and organic search

For those who are into SEO and for those who just love looking at data.

Wonder how much sign-ups are from word of mouth (Monzo Ambassadors) vs users who just come across Monzo from google…

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Given the top ten keywords/search terms all include the word “Monzo”, I doubt there’s much traffic from organic search at all. At least, not from organic search by people looking for mobile bank accounts as opposed to actually searching for Monzo by name.


Actually almost 40% of their traffic is still coming from generic keywords, which is really good compared to traditional banks. In comparison, Monzo is still way ahead it’s competitors (Starling, Revolut, N26, etc.) due to good amount of great content they produce they rank for over 40k keywords, while some other digital banks are around 10-15k. Having a healthy split of generic and brand traffic is also a sign of brand trust and loyalty, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they haven’t optimised at all for generics.

Word of mouth is hard to track in tools, looking into Google Trend data gives a good idea on brand interest, but WoM would strengthen Search traffic as much as Direct or Referral.

If anyone is interested to dive into more detail, my favourite is the SEMrush free account where you can check domain and organic search information on any website (free view is limited to top 10 keywords).