Searching for Monzo

Searching for Monzo on Google a moment ago, I was concerned that the first page listed was that for a game, and that the only links relevant to the bank Monzo was the Twitter account, a Wikipedia disambiguation, and an article from Business Insider. I only came across Monzo’s website on page three of the Google search. Is there anything that can be done to change that?

As with many things to do with Google search, the answer is ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Apart from throwing some more data in the page to provide hints to Google’s knowledge graph and some other tiny tweaks including verifying with Google Webmaster Tools and other Google sites such as YouTube, there’s not too much that can be actively done. Over time, through user activity and crawling of other sites (especially news), Google should learn about the new name, trust it as legitimate and raise the website to the top result with a nice knowledge graph box and all.

It’s not a great situation to be in though, Google has always seemingly hated and been slow to respond to name and domain changes. :unamused:

Search for Mondo, second result down. No doubt in time it will improve, but I feel the name change has screwed things up somewhat.

I’m pretty sure once monzo becomes more popular and there are larger amounts of google searches for the name it should move up in the list and might even end up at the top. #FingersCrossed :grinning:

I’ve tried to improve this w.r.t Wikipedia by:

  • Moving the old Monzo page on Wikipedia, which referenced the video game, to title “Monzo (video game)”
  • Adding the disambiguation page
  • Renaming all Wikipedia naming to refer to “Monzo” as the correct name
  • Expanding the Wikipedia article

I think it’ll just be a waiting game, Google should hopefully pick up on the popularity of the new name.


Thanks Adam! That’s great :smiley:

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I searched Monzo and the site was the first thing that came up

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Gotta be careful of search bubbling though. Google will probably know you and I are interested in the bank and push suggestions up for that. I guess Tor with no cookies would be the only way to tell for sure…

There we go.

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Incognito mode Monzo search has the result: