Google Monzo and N26 is top of list

They must be paying a lot of money to Google to take the top spot if you type in Monzo in to Google



I also get N62, I bet the bid price isn’t that high either as it’s so exact.

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Also get an N26 ad at the top of the page when searching for “Revolut”, “Fintech bank”, “Challenger bank”, and “mobile bank”.

Not “Starling” though

I’m searching on mobile. Not sure about desktop behaviour.

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image I think it’s only mobile searches not desktop searches

I get N26 on desktop searches too

Are you perhaps running an adblocker?

I get Monzo - no sign of N26

Maybe google have since changed it so that when you search for something you ACTUALLY GET THE THING YOU SEARCHED FOR?! instead of someone else’s website just because they paid you.

What use is a search engine if you can’t search?

image h

It’s correted now, maybe Monzo raised a ticket with google and it got reviewed

Bit cheeky if it was done on purpose

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More than likely they’ll have paid more for the ad space than n26

Just searched for Monzo on the App Store, to see whether N26 had also paid for that search term there. However, I got a different ad:


Good marketing if you ask me. N26 know who their competitors are so are targeting their potential users…

It’s an advert, not a search result. If you’re unable to run an adblocker, then training yourself to just skip right over anything with the “AD” tag next to it is good practice.